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How to setup webdispatcher to load balance portal in a clustered environment


In this weblog i am going to present instructions to setup webdispatcher to load balance your portal in a clustered environment for Windows platform.


Web dispatcher is used to load balance the portal. Media for the web dispatcher is provided with the j2ee kernel on both the central instance & dialog instance.


Copy the sapwebdisp.exe and icmadmin.sar to any directory on your server. I recommend c:\program files\sap\webdispatcher


Use sapcar –xvf to extract the icmadmin.sar file into that directory.


Execute sapwebdisp –bootstrap to generate an initial profile for web dispatcher.



Enter central instance hostname as Hostname of Message Server.
Enter “8101” as HTTP Port of Message server. You can find the port in the SCS profile of central instance.
Enter “01” as Unique Instance Number for SAP Web dispatcher.
Enter “80” as HTTP Port number for SAP Web Dispatcher. You can enter any port you want.

Remember to save the password generated in the above screen


Your webdispatcher is running. It automatically grabs all your cluster information from message server of central instance.You can acess the web dispatcher via following url.
You can acess your portal now via following url.

hostname: name of the machine your installed the webdispatcher.
port: the above port you specified for webdispatcher.

If you need to run your webdispatcher again then use the following command from command prompt.
Sapwebdisp pf=sapwebdisp.pfl


You can also install the webdispatcher to run as a NT service. You need to first download ntscmgr.exe from and then use the following command to install the web dispatcher.
ntscmgr install sapwebdisp -b “C:\Program Files\SAP\webdispatcher\sapwebdisp.exe” -p “service pf=sapwebdisp.pfl”


The above command somehow didn’t work for me, it creates a NT service but has a bad path for executable. To fix this you need to do the following.
1. Edit the registry entry by running the program regedit.
2. Do a search for “sapwebdisp” and change the ImagePath to where your sapwebdisp.exe is currently residing.
C:\Program Files\SAP\webdispatcher\sapwebdisp.exe service pf=sapwebdisp.pfl

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  • Hello Prakash,

    We have planned to configure web dispatcher,but we didnt understand whether to do this on existing server or do we need a seperate server for installing and cinfiguring web dispatcher.

    Our system is EP7.0 32 bit unicode system with two dialog instances and 4 GB ram.

    kindly suggest.

    Thanks in advance

    Best regards,