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Do you use it?

Brian Willis gave us some great heads up with the new myWeblogs but things have been a bit quiet lately. I for one, would like to see things progress a bit further and start moving out of the “Beta” stage. What about you? Actually I am hoping that the reason things have been so quiet is because he’s been busy working on it image

But just in case I figure the best way for us to try to do something about the progress is to use it! OK so this probably won’t make the project move faster but who knows maybe the developers will appreciate the extra test data and besides it’s a cool topic and a sweet application!

Where do you stand?



So have you rated everyone? Have you been rated? If you have then I applaude you.

So are you lost and not sure what I am talking about? Then take a look at these weblogs from Brian:

All very excellent and worth reading!

For those of you not sure why I referred to this as a “sweet application” that is an American slag expression for “very cool”

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  • Hi Craig,
    yes, i did use it for a couple of times (i rated you too, btw ;), but to be honest, i don’t like the rating criterias offered there. Terms like “I Hate it” are not really suitable for the purpose of these ratings, are they?

    Best, Stefan

    • Yes I agree with you 100% I don’t like the terms they use but if you don’t think about those terms then the stars alone do make a bit of sense. What I don’t like is the rating of a person and not the individual weblog I mean everyone can have a bad day and turn out some garbage and that doesn’t deserve the overall. Rating of the themes, categories and things is OK but I’m not sure about people vs. item. The terms do have to change it’s not really proper to say “I hate it” as you point out.


      • Agreed on preference for rating the weblog over rating the person.  In my view the ratings should reflect the subject as well as the content.

        As people will naturally blog on things which I find interesting as well as things I’m not interested in, the rating should mean that blogs with similar keywords will rise to the top, not blogs by the same person (perhaps even dual ratings [per person / per keywords] make sense).

        Also, I understand the rating system to be personal, and thus highly rated subject/people combinations will rise to the top of my personal list, but not affect other people. Correct?


  • Wow…

    in my view the weblog’s dated 2005-08-16 and the comments are dated 2005-03-15?!?!

    How did you get this “sweet feature” working?


    • This happens, when someone re-releases a weblog from a very long time ago 🙂

      I had two choices re-release or write another weblog simply pointing to this one (or worse copying the text over again)

      I’m still debating whether this was a good idea or not most likely not but the content of these two weblogs was something I thought should be brought forward again according to some conversations we are seeing in the forums.