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Running multiple versions of Netweaver Developer Studio on one developer PC

Running multiple versions of Netweaver Developer Studio on one developer PC

Version: NetWeaver ’04 Developer Studio (i.e. up to SP13)

Background scenario: You have to use different versions of NetWeaver Developer Studio (e.g. in different development projects). Therefore you need to have multiple installations of NWDS on your developer PC (e.g. Devl. Project A with SP11; Devl. Project B with SP13).

SAP Netweaver Developer Studio actually uses three different folders to store information like your preferences, synced DCs, DTR configuration data, etc.: (%USER% is the home directory of your user, e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\myUserName\ )

There are the following three settings to be changed:

1.) %USER%/.dtc is the default folder that contains the files that are make up your projects

Setting can be changed from within the IDE if you haven’t imported any development configuration. (Windows-> Preferences -> Java Development Infrastructure -> Development Configuration -> Root folder)

2.) %USER%/.dtr contains configuration data for the DTR

Setting can be changed by setting the VM parameter vfs.configfolder . To do this you edit the file vm.parameters in the eclipse folder of you IDE installation and add a line like this: -Dvfs.configfolder=C:\Documents and Settings\myUserName\SPxx\.dtr

3.) %USER%/Documents/SAP/workspace contains the basic settings of the IDE

This setting can be changed by adding a parameter -data “C:\Documents and Settings\myUserName\SPxx\workspace” to the target of the shortcut you use to start the IDE.

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  • I was just about to down-grade my NWDS from SP12 to SP10 so I could work with a different customer.  I have been running multiple J2EEs all along, but was unaware of a way to run multiple NWDSs. 

    Thanks again,

  • * %USER%\Documents\SAP\
    * C:\Program Files\SAP\JDT\eclipse\vm.parameters
    * C:\DATA\workspace\.metadata\.plugins\\pref_store.ini