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Everybody who works with SAP EP knows this problem: Theres no Standard-Functionality to publish web based content in an easy an professional way. To create content with EP-standard-tools you can use the Knowledge-Management Features “XML-Forms” or “Wysiwyg HTML-Editor”. In both ways the documents will stored in an KM-repository. To display the content in the standard Portal-navigation-structure you have to create iViews, worksets and roles manually in the Portal Content Studio.

In my experience, the Portal Content Studio is too complex for Web-Publisher with no IT-Background. Also the process to link HTML-Pages/XML-Forms to iViews is not comfortable enought.

To avoid working with the Portal Content Studio, you need other and better tools to create Web-based content and the corresponding Portal Content Objects.

We decided to use a professional Web Content Management System to create and approve Web-based Content (FIRSTspirit). For deploying content and creating the corresponding Portal Content Objects automatically (iViews, worksets, roles) in one step we developed an EP Business Package.

Before we developed the package we defined the main functionallity of our solution:

  • The publisher should not be in contact with the complex Portal Content Studio
  • The publisher should create addional EP-navigation entries for content-pages without working with the Portal Content Studio and no need to contact an IT-Administrator to link the new content page as a new navigation-entry
  • The publisher should not need to have SAP EP Know-how
  • The multi-language concept of SAP EP must be implemented also for the content
  • The content should be personalized through SAP EP Roles
  • The content should be searched and found by TREX
  • The search Result should be consider the authorization (Portal Roles assigned to content pages)
  • Hyperlinks in the content should be act as portal links
  • The Navigation-structure in roles should be mixed with Web-Contend an other Portal Content (e.x. ESS-iViews)
  • The content should be editable also in the portal after Deployment
  • The creation-logic of Portal Objects should be flexible
  • The content-display should automatically changed, when a other portal theme are choosen

We archived all goals with our development.

The communication between the FIRSTspirit and SAP EP based during deployment of content pages is based on WebServices running as a Portal Service.

The Content is deployed on a special Web Application on the Portal Server (JSP-Files).

To integrate the TREX-Search we created content links and used the Standard KM Repository Manager.

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  1. Former Member
    I found that content editors don’t really have a problem with the UI and tools available in the standard. There are always better ways of doing something but what works for one person might not work for the other. I worked on KM projects where we developed a custom KM explorer because the client was used to a certain UI – but that is quite a small development effort. Implementing SAP KM and then on top of it use another tool to manage it seems overkill to me. It would also be great to see some more technical details.
  2. Former Member
    This is a good start, please let me know when and how this package will be available public. Also we were following up these features along with the publishing workflow feature. We had lots of requirement for publishing workflow which is not yet planned from SAP.


    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Ajay Kumar,

      the business package and the required Web Content Management Software FIRSTspirit are public available. For further Informations about features and pricing please contact me directly (



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