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Last week we crossed the forum sound barrier 300 concurrent SDN forum users online. Seems like Gregor Wolf is keeping an eye on the number as with Over 100 Concurrent Members Online in the SDN Forums and with Over 200 Concurrent SDN Forum Users he was the first one to send in a screen shot.



Also the king is back. Detlev Beutner who once was the I am relaxing here thanks to SDN until Top 5 SDN Contributor without writing one Weblog? got a fast internet connection and the BI forum area took off. Now Roberto is on his /community [original link is broken], congratulations by the way. But Detlev doesn’t sleep and  climbed back to be the King of all forums with over 5555 points. I am getting the popcorn ready for when Roberto is back in a couple of weeks 🙂 It is going to be interesting to watch. I have met Detlev at the SDN Meets Labs and have an open invitation from Roberto to come to visit, very tempting. So I know that both of them are taking this little competition as it should be taken, not too serious.  Actually I hope Roberto can make it to TechEd Vienna too this year. Usual good informed circles have told me that Detlev is coming, although he has not put his name down on the TechEd Wiki yet. It would be great to bring them both together.

Detlev is doing it  mostly in the EP forums,  where Prakash just yesterday complained about the EP forum is the worst forum when it comes to people rewarding points .  EP Forum questioners this has to get better. Go back to your posts now and give points for good answers.

A big thank you to both Detlev and Roberto from the whole SDN Community. You really make a big difference here.


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  1. Detlev Beutner
    Hi Mark,
    thanks for your words – I just read them after having been away from any computer for more than two weeks, cycling through germany with my 8 year old son (450 km in seven days).
    So I’ve also added myseld to the TechEd Wiki, the circles have been well informed, indeed 🙂
    And I’m wondering how long my new leadership will last… This week still on holiday, but I’ll have a look into the forum as I already did today – anyhow, when I’m back at work, time will be short, so I expect Roberto to ascend the throne soon, if he’ll have the time he seems to have had before his honeymoon… 🙂
    Best regards
    1. Hi guys !!!
      The ‘desaparecido’ is come back !!!
      Unfortunately I had to postpone my honeymoon because of illness (two days after my marriage I had to rush myself to hospital!)…
      This is my first day after these strange holidays and, sigh, I’m not able to come to Vienna.
      Anyway, health is everything !
      And let me some days to click….(did you think that I wasn’t feel nostalgia for my SDN home ???)

      So, let’s re-open the dancing!


      1. Former Member
        Hope you feel better!! Sorry to hear you had to postpone the honeymoon, Nicole and I have ours postponed as well though and now even further that before 🙂
      2. Detlev Beutner
        Hi Roberto,

        ooops, just saw some points you gathered today, so I had a look into this WebLog 🙂
        Bad news about you, good news as far as your upcoming absence (postponed honeymoon) is concerned (time for me to climb up again) 😉
        When I’ve been in hospital last year (5 weeks or so (herniated disc), you must have seen my approaches to reach SDN :-))) (very funny how i circumvented the hospital’s telephone system).
        I whish you all the best,


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