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Birds of a Feather Sessions again at SAP TechEd

Birds of a Feather Expanding on the success from last year we are having lots of SDN community activity at SAP TechEd ’05 again. The central area and focal point for that will be the SDN Clubhouse. In the next days we will introduce to you what we are planing and how you can be a part of it. Craig started last week with the introduction of the TechEd 05: Get  your thinking hats on and get ready to….. We are also bringing back the Birds of a Feather sessions to Vienna and Boston. (Other TechEds may follow they are just in a different planing stage.)

Little reminder, BOF sessions are more informal sessions created by you or other SDNers that feel passionate about a certain topic and want to have it covered and meet other SDNers with the same interests. We are awarding 250 SDN points for every SDNer who is giving such a session.

Post your session or a suggestion for one on the Wiki: Vienna and Boston. Then tell your friends to join your session, we’ll promote it too. Come to TechEd and SAP provides you with space in a small theater in the SDN Clubhouse with chairs, projector and an hour for your session. Looking forward to it.

Wiki background: Some of you may have not used a Wiki before. It’s a Web page that everyone can change. More at the Wikipedia Wiki definition . Honestly, all you need to know is this: Every page is editable. Just click on the Edit icon image. Add your name or session, save the page, and you’re done. Don’t be afraid to accidentally erase things, every page keeps all it’s old versions and you can go back to them using the image icon, click Edit,save the old version, and done.

You don’t need more to take part in the BOF sessions. But once you’re there, you may want to check out and populate more pages of the SAP TechEd ’05Wiki . If you want to create extra pages or links, here are some more tips: The only syntax you need to know is linking, and Wiki links are even easier than HTML links. You just surround whatever text you want to link, plus the URL of the link destination, with square brackets. And if you write any word in what’s called CamelCase (a word with embedded caps), that auto-generates a link to a page called, and creates a new blank page at that URL, ready for editing. Here is the rest of the Wiki Syntax .

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