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Humour@SAP: XVIII. In the pet store

A man comes in a pet store to buy a rabbit for his daughter. While he is looking at the pets, another customer enters the store and asks for a C monkey. The store owner goes into the back room of the store, and when he returns, he has a monkey in his hands. “That makes US$ 2,500!” The customer pays, thanks the owner joyful and leaves the store.

Some minutes later another customer comes in the store and asks for a C++ monkey. The owner brings a monkey to the customer, but this monkey costs US$ 5,000. This customer also looks happy, pays the price and leaves the store.

The man is surprised about those activities and asks the store owner: “Tell me, isn’t the regular price for monkeys at around US$ 200? Why were those two so expensive?”

The store owner answers: “The first one was a C monkey. He programs clean C code 12 hours a day, takes no breaks and only eats two bananas a day.”

“And why did the second one cost US$ 5,000?”

“The second one was a C++ monkey. He programs super clean C++ code 24 without interruption and only eats one banana a day.”

The man is really impressed and takes a look in the back room. There he finds a monkey, who is completely going to seed, but this monkey has a an expression of high importance on his face. The price tag says US$ 50,000. Completely confused the man turns to the store owner: “And what about this monkey? Why does he cost US$ 50,000, what’s so special about him?”

The store owner replies: “Frankly speaking, I have no idea what he can do, but he says, he is an SAP consultant.”

More anecdotes can be found in the Humour@SAP weblog series.

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      nice one but think inspired one...except to the fact u twisted the last sentence to suit SAP....

      right said fred?