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What’s this, a new SAP/SDN leader?

I noticed last night that there was a new leader on SDN for the SAP employees, points leader, I mean. Of course being the curious person I am I decided to take a look and see just how he got all his points.


Here’s what I found when I took a look at Bertram’s business card. He’s been a very busy guy and the points he has have been well earned.


What I found was that he and one other, Alfred have been a POWERHOUSE team in terms of some amazing Web Dynpro content!

If you don’t believe me just take a look at the Web Dynpro home page or even better check this out!!

So a hearty congratulations goes out to the both of them for such a huge contribution to the SDN community -> guys come on by I have T-Shirts waiting with your names on it!

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  • Whats the story with T-Shirts anyway?  Do we get sent them in the mail, or do we have to drop in and visit you Craig?

    Germany seems a long way to go for a t-shirt...