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I just got out of a meeting and realized that this is probably something not known in every corner of the SDN forums. It has been mentioned and discussed before but I think it is time to bring it back to center stage!

OK, now what am I talking about here? Well when a weblog is written the author marks it as being for a certain area of interest and therefore you can then view the weblogs by topic, this is all well and good but what about weblogs that fit under a general topic, such as Business Server Pages (BSP).

Well to solve the problem, Brian implemented a very easy ;\ New BSP Weblogs, that I myself implemented Weblogs related to PHP and SAP followed by Marilyn over 🙂 Weblogs related to RFID.

Now what is the overall benefit of starting such a forum thread, espically when we have not yet completed the implementation of some sticky forum post features? Well for starters every user who is interested in the topic can then “set a watch” on this thread and get alerted with email each time it is updated by a weblog author.


So if your favorite forum doesn’t have one already, please ask your moderator or pop over into the SCN Support inbox.

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      1. Durairaj Athavan Raja
        How about a watch option (like the one in the forums) for different downloads section.

        This way we could get informed, whenever a new content is added to the download section.


        1. We’ve started to do that in the SDN Code Samples/Downloads forum  (Software Downloads), at least for bigger download releases. You can “watch” that forum for discussions on new downloads and also add/comment-on/suggest code samples there.
    1. Marilyn Pratt
      Perhaps we should have some tips and tricks about searching.
      If you wanted to find all ABAP Code samples you need only go to Search, embed ABAP code Samples and use the drop down to choose Downloads.  The Search hit list will bring back your ABAP Code Samples.
  1. I think it looks like there are so many tracking threads coming up in forums that it looks better we have a forum to that has threads that do only tracking.

    The thing with tracking threads it might slip into several pages below and then retrievable  navigation ,search or watches. But how would someone know there is a tracking thread in the first place.

    Ideally the watch should be on a taxonomy, and any new content classified into the node should be alerted

    1. Former Member
      Eventually once some of the features (“sticky topic”) are done then this really won’t be a big issue. Plus each time a weblogger appends to their specific area then the thread is moved to the top of the list.

      Interesting thought on the “Tracking Forum” as well as the taxonomy, however of the “Tracking Forum” I’m not sure all would feel the same way, most have their particular forums they go to and therefore they may not want to add an additional one to the list?


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