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WAS/Web Dynpro VS ITS/ITS WebStudio

Very recently in Wipro Technologies Ltd, I was assigned to an interesting comparitive study on WebDynpro with ITS WebStudio. So I thought of sharing this with the SDN community folks.

Business Angle Comparison of ITS Vs WebDynpros



ITS / ITS WebStudio

WAS / Web Dynpro

Mode of   Operation

Customized, user-friendly interface.

Not Customized but easy to use.

Connectivity to R/3 systems

Immediate access to SAP scenarios users.

Here the users has to be familiar with the ways of connecting it with R/3 For Ex :- JCO or JCA

Connectivity within other Netweaver components like


Not Possible


Connectivity to other systems(Non SAP)

Not possible



Access to R/3 for customers/business partners at anytime from anywhere

Access to R/3 for customers/business partners at anytime from anywhere provided the WAS server is internet enabled. Much faster in performance.


All applications maintained in the same development environment (ABAP Workbench).

All applications maintained in the same development environment (SAP J2EE engine).

Development Environment

Clear separation of application development in ABAP and design in HTML

MVC Architecture design approach with presentation layer being done in Java.

Multi Lingual Support

Available in several languages through NLS (National Language Support). 

It supports Internationalization with the help of   Java. (Resource Bundle package)


Multi-level security including HTTPS support.

Multi-level security including HTTPS support.

Adobe Integration

Not Possible


Areas of Operations

Web Transaction


Web Reporting

ITS Flow Logic


All the above involving R/3




Web development

Web Transaction


Web Reporting



Installation Requirement

a) SAP Internet Transaction Server.

b)( optional) SAP@ Web Studio (a tool for developing all R/3-external files needed to run an IAC Web transaction).

Netweaver Developer Studio. Deployment in WAS J2EE engine.

Load balancing

Not Possible.

Possible with the help of WAS

Support to Business Graphics   like Bar chart, Pie chart

Not Possible.

Possible with the help of IGS.

Support to Web Services

Not Possible.



Customized to SAP look and feel

User can have his own look and feel with the help of Themes in Enterprise Portal.


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  • Hi,

    Nicely done blog and quite informative. Just wanted to highlight one point.
    It is mentioned that with ITS, load balancing is not possible. SAP ITS is quite scalable and offers multiple installation options for scalability and performance optimization. These include:

    1. Load balancing through external products (HTTP routers, Web switches) over multiple Web servers
    2. Single host and dual host installation, with option for installing a firewall. Take a look at for more details.
    3. Multiple (virtual) SAP ITS instances on a single host
    4. A WGate can control multiple AGates
    5. An AGate can be addressed by multiple WGates
    6. Can set the dimensions (number of workthreads and memory size) of each AGate for the expected user load
    7. An AGate can log on to the SAP system using load distribution (logon groups)
    8. The AGate can reduce the volume of data transferred to the Web browser (compression with gzip)

    The option to choose depends on organization's needs.


  • Thanks for the info, some pointers


    Its possible to bring about a different look and feel by modifying the css files .If integrated with the EP , the theme editor of EP accomodates style changes for ITS too

    Support to Business Graphics:

    ITS also uses IGS for displaying business graphics such as networks and bar charts

    You could also include the differences in the support for authentication mechanisms , WAS supports JAAS but ITS uses PAS etc

    Also how much of this changes with the Integrated ITS(ITS on WAS) also needs to be investigated.