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Reposting IDocs instead of Recreating – For Testing Purpose (XI)

Introduction This weblog is useful in scenarios such as IDoc-File or IDoc-IDoc. While testing the scenarios we will be required to create IDocs to see if they are properly posted. If it is a complex idoc such as Shipment, creating a proper IDoc becomes a pain if we do not know the steps correctly, or if the functional person is not around. This can be avoided by the method described in this weblog. But this method is recommended only for testing the scenario only. Pre-requisite 1) Atleast one proper idoc, which can be reused. 2) All the other configurations for posting an IDoc, such as Port configuration, partner setting, rfc destinations etc must be done. Step 1 Go to the transaction WE19 in your R/3 box, selecting existing IDoc and enter the existing IDoc number (proper IDoc) and press F8.  image Step 2 In the next screen you can double click on the control record, if you want to change the port details, partner no etc. imageimageStep 3 Next click on the the ‘Standard outbound processing’ tab at the top. And then enter the number of IDocs you want to generate. imageimage Once the above steps are over, your IDoc will be successfully created and posted to the appropriate tRFC port.In this way you can repost an existing IDoc as a new IDoc.  
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  • A little lost here, what exactly did we just do in this weblog? Choose an exisiting IDOC and then change the info and it's available again??
    • Hi Craig
      This weblog is useful for those people who are not sure of how to create/generate a new IDoc for testing their scenario. For instance in my project i was initially struggling a bit when it came to creating a Shipment IDoc, so everytime i had to test my scenario (IDoc to File) i had to wait for my functional consultant to generate the new IDoc. But later i came to know that we can regenerate IDoc from an existing IDoc, and that is what this weblog explains.


      • Hi,

        have you tried using test tool in RWB?
        it allows you to send messages to XI (for test purposes) directly to integration engine...
        you don't care about the adapter
        you can just paste the XML into it and GO 🙂

        even though this tool is very primitive sometimes it might be helpful


          • Hi sameer,
            I am doing the same thing but i have doubt that what is to be put in sender side.
            like in receiver side we are putting the port pointing to xi,
            Partner having idoc in outbound.
            similarly what is to be put in sender side?
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