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PC-UI and Easy Enhancement Workbench (EEW) Integration

I have seen various questions related to the Easy Enhancement Workbench (EEW), SAP’s tool enabling you to add custom fields to standard transactions without having to modify SAP code. In a nutshell, the way this works is that SAP allows you to generate custom objects in predefined containers that are linked to the various transactions.

In this example we will extend the Lead transaction (CRMD_BUS2000108). Our fictive customer has a business requirement to be able to classify their various leads in more detail. To meet this requirement we will add three custom fields: (1) Territory – char10, (2) Territory Sub Group – char10, and (3) Target Date – date8. Our final deliverable should look something like this.


Creation of the actual extension
Initiate transaction EEWB which will bring you the actual Easy Enhancement Workbench. First step is to create a project that will hold the actual extension. During the creation of the project you also define a workbench as well as customizing request. These ensuring all objects required for our extension are transported together.

Note: In my experience I have come across multiple occasions that system administrators have a policy in place that requires a separate client for development and customizing. Before starting any EEW tasks ensure they are aware of this requirement so they can take the appropriate actions.

After the creation of your project we need create an extension(s). The extension contains the information regarding the business object to be modified and the type of the extension. Since our example is modeled around the lead transaction we select business object ‘Lead’ and extension type ‘Extend Lead’ . To guide us during the enhancement of the data model for object ‘Business Transaction’, a wizard appears. Follow it’s directions and add the custom fields accordingly.

Note: In order to extend CRM’s generic business transactions, e.g. orders and opportunities, select object ‘Business Transaction’ and type ‘Add New Fields’. For business partner extensions select object ‘BUPA’, type ‘Add New Fields’.

After successful generation of the extension, you can view all ‘custom’ objects that have been generated by selecting the newly created task. Based on the fields we added to the business transaction categories, the CRM system was able to generate the required repository objects and table entries. The picture below shows the result of the generation.


Extension of the PC-UI Application
Now we have extended our Lead transaction we need to make them available in the corresponding PC-UI Application (CRMD_BUS2000108). For this example we will add a new tab to the application, named Custom Fields, which will contain the additional fields. This new tab will be located in the details area of the application.

Firstly we should determine to which screen structure the EEW has added our custom fields. Easiest way to determine this is to review the object list that was generated in the EEW. In this list should find a table entry starting with ZEEW, in our case ZEEW_CUSTOMER_H02. Next we must determine the screen structure of the detail area: CRMT_BSP_LEA_OVERVIEW. When you analyze this structure you will see that the EEW has added our newly generated structure as a separate include.

Now we will create a new field group containing our newly created fields, link it to the screen structure and generate the corresponding layout. Execute transaction CRMC_BLUEPRINT_C and select Application Element -> Field Group. For this example we create field group ZLEADTERRITORY_DETAILS. Next we must add the EEW fields to this newly created field group. After having added your fields, the result should look similar like the picture below. Last step is to generate the layout.


In a similar fashion create a second field group ZLEADTERRITORY. This field group should reference the previously created field group and as group type select Screengroup. Also this field group must be generated accordingly.

Next step is to create an event enabling us to add a new tab in the existing application without having it to change. Follow the following IMG Path: Application Element -> Event and create a new event called ZLEADTERR. This newly created event is only Lay-out Relevant and add a text, e.g. Custom Fields.

The newly created event and field group must be made available in the PC-UI application we are trying to extend. Select Application/Layout -> Define Application Layout, enter as work area CRMD_BUS2000108 and create a new entry. The content of this new entry should resemble the example below.


Since we have created a new tab event, ZLEADTERR, we also must make sure it becomes available in the correct tab group. Since this tab group is delivered by SAP, we need to use transaction CRMC_BLUEPRINT to complete this task. Follow IMG: Application Element -> Group Tab Page -> Group Tab Page and select LEA_TGRP. Add a new entry, with unique sequence and our previous created event. With this you have added your EEW extension to the existing PC-UI Application and the result should be similar to the example I showed in the beginning of this blog.

As you can see it is very easy to add custom fields to existing transactions using the Easy Enhanced Workbench. Also this example showed how to add these newly created to an existing PC-UI Application by adding a new tab. In a similar way we could also have added these fields to an existing tab by extending the existing field group, assigned to the tab.

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      • I tried to work out the same exercise in EEWB transaction. I am encountering the following error. Could you please let me know how I can fix it up?.

        Definition CRM_BTX_ADD_NEW_FIELDS may not be created for another system

        Message no. OXT_TF007


        Definition CRM_BTX_ADD_NEW_FIELDS is of the type 'TSK' and should ru
        an external system. This is not permissible. Only definitions of typ
        'SEQ' may be created for external systems.

        System Response

        The procedure was canceled.


        You have the following options:

        1. Delete or deactivate the line

        2. Change the type of entry to 'SEQ', or change the system to the
        user's own system type if applicable.

        Thanks & Regards,

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  • Hi Tiest,

    I've used the EEWB to enhance the BP screens. The problem is that I did this on the development client  and thus the customizing is not put into a transport.

    What can I do now to get it fixed???

    I have the changes correctly on client 200, but not on client 100.

    We are is the stage of QA environment being tested and the BP extension is not visible in the BP transaction, although the table BUT000 has the new fields.

    Could you help me out here??


    Micha Van Nijen

    • Shafath, the EEWB is the only method to add fields in the GUI. All additional steps described in this weblog only are required for the PC-UI application. Tiest.
  • kindly help me add custom fields to existing standard master data using the Easy Enhanced Workbench. Also, what way  I could assign the new field(s) to an existing tab tab. Hope you can help me.. I'm still new, so I really appreciate it if you could give the step by step procedure...Thanks!

  • Great Job mate!!!

    I was wondering if you had any documentation or know how to customize Fact Sheets.  I am trying to create a custom Fact Sheet for iObect and need to know how to configure this in IMG.  We are using CRM 5.0.  Also, help on creating hyperlinks on PCUI would be of great help too.

    You an email me on or

    Thank you.

  • This is excellant blog and also written in simple step so that anybody can get the detail overview.

    But i would like to ask one question, is it possible to add a new fields through EEWB in a standard/existing SAP TAB?

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Tiest,
    Gr8 blog for understanding EEW.
    However, my query is realted to PCUI.
    In your blog, you've written "Now we will create a new field group containing our newly created fields, link it to the screen structure and generate the corresponding layout. "
    I want to know how you link a custom field group to a screen structure??
  • Hi Tiest,

    I did the same way as described above for TX: BP, but im getting the error.when i run the wizard and finish, it is saying error generated.
    When i check the log it is stating.. "Customer object DOMA ZBU_0000000I cannot be assigned to package BUPA".

    and Syntax error in program "SAPLBUPA_DIALOG_JOEL

    And even when i try to click the generate button(red button), it is saying "User IDESDEV does not exist in the system (or lock ed)". Even if i enter the correct password.

    Kindly help me. i have maintained only the customizing request number. If i enter both customizing and workbench request it is not even allowing me to the wizard. The error is saying that "BUPA ADD_NEW_FIELDS cannot be transported with that request".


  • Hi,
    We have generated few fields using Easy Enhancement Workbench (EEWB).
    Now when we are going for deletion of those fields we are getting the following error message :

    Task BUPA_CI_FILL can not be deleted because generated objects still exist.

    Message no OXT_TF301.

    We could not figure out the possible cause of this error as there is no diagnosis mentioned in this error.

    The reason behind deletion of these field was, firstly we created these fields in $TMP package. Now we wanted to create new fields and assign our ZXXX package to those fields. But we are not able to do so because system gave an error stating that:

    Extension type BUPA - ADD_NEW_FIELDS cannot be combined with package ZPND110
    Message no. OXT_MISC327

    Please also let us know how we can assign our new fields from $TMP to our ZXXXX package, when we are not able to delete those fields.

    Help will be really appreciated.
    Please it is very urgent.

    Sourabh Verma

  • We already have a TAB called "CUSTOMER FIELDS" in the Transaction: CRMD_ORDER, I want to add few more fields to this but in a separate TAB (for ex: TAB -> "ORDER DETAILS") which will be beside the "CUSTOMER FIELD" TAB, I have tried to add fields but these fields are added to the "CUSTOMER FIELDS" and no new TAB is created.

    Please guide.

    Abhijit G. Borkar

  • We already have a TAB called "CUSTOMER FIELDS" in the Transaction: CRMD_ORDER, I want to add few more fields to this but in a separate TAB (for ex: TAB -> "ORDER DETAILS") which will be beside the "CUSTOMER FIELD" TAB, I have tried to add fields but these fields are added to the "CUSTOMER FIELDS" and no new TAB is created.

    Please guide.

    Abhijit G. Borkar

  • Hi,

    I have created a custom screen using EEWB, and it created a tab with title as 'Customer fields'.

    My requirement is to change the text of this title 'Customer fields' to a user defined text.

    How do I do this.

    Kindly help.