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Let us know …

Every half year we from the SDN Team would like to know how much SDN is helping you and where we should focus our energy. Time for the SDN Survey. You give valuable information, in return you can win a free entry to  SAP TechEd ’05 in addition you get 20 SDN points.

We take your input very seriously. It gives me endless grief, that the download area is always ahead of the Weblog area in this SDN beauty pageant. Also all the comments are closely read and discussed between the SDN Team.

Internally we had some heated discussions whether these 20 points are devaluing the point system or not, after all you need a lot more effort to get 20 points in the forums. But every SDNer can only participate in the survey once. If everyone does, which we hope, the playing field is leveled again.

I almost called this post: Endspurt – Final Stretch until I thought, this sounds very familiar and I realized that I Endspurt – Final Stretch. Well, the survey is scheduled to end this Wednesday, so hurry up.

Let us know how to make SDN better, it really helps us to put our scarce resources to the best use.

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  • ... writing this weblog it seems.
    You missed the target value (not set to "_top") for two of the links - thought you might want to know so you can change it 😉

    P.S.: I have already registered for TechEd - will the payment get refunded in case I win? (not that I feel this lucky anyway ...)

  • hi,

    well i have filled this Survey a week ago but i didn't get any points yet.
    When will i be given this points and notify of free registration to TechEd'05 Banglore


    • The chance to win a free entry will of course be awhile before it is announced, the points for doing the survey will also come later as well.

      Thanks for your patience!

    • Hi SDNers,

      O.K. although we have a lot of responses already we decided to have another blurb in the SDN Newsletter next week and close it then end of the day Friday.

      The points will be checked against double entries and posted the week after.

      Please be patient. Yes you will get your money refunded if you are already going to TechEd, or you can choose to get in for free next year.

      Good luck, Mark.

  • Hi,
    I completed the survey but i still didn't get reward points for that although many of our team members got points for the same.


  • I have already completed the Survey on SDN. But still my reward points are not given to me.

    Please look into the matter. I have filled the Survey before the anouncement of these reward points was made.

    Looking for the positive response. 😉

    • We have not announced the winners as of yet. Winners will be announced, along with the results of the survey, Thursday, 1 September.

      Jennifer Lankheim
      SDN Senior Editor