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3 2 1 .. Ignition – all Systems running

Unlike the Space Shuttle, this blog starts right as scheduled.  Thanks to SDN for the quick support to get this working.

Hello Everybody, I just want to quickly introduce myself and let you know, what you can expect in future posts.

I work in the Software Development Department of SEEBURGER, my main focus area are Web Services and Java Enterprise Technology. However I am also into IT-Security, Food, my wife and Linux.

I have a German speaking blog on where I rant about Industry and Technology. However in this Blog I would like to focus on SAP, B2B and for the audience I try to stick with English language.

I am 33 from Karlsruhe, South West Germany. You can get the details from my business card. Send me a hello if you like.

Ok, I have already a series of post in preparation, which is especially about security, deployment of EDI adapters in an XI landscape, so stay tuned.



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  • Hello and Welcome to SDN Blogging, quite an intro you have there - hope you know we are all going to be expecting big things from you and soon 🙂