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Developing Web Application without writing single line of Code :My First Web Log

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  • Congrats on becoming a blogger ! 🙂

    I had also tried to use the same WSDL file but i could not get the proxy classes. 🙁

    When importing the webservice did u give the link as a URL and import it.

    I am using NDS sp11.. What might be wrong ?

    And about the code. we still have to write a few lines to execute the model object.

    It is more appropriate to say Visual composer can be used to create applications without writing a single line of code .Isn't it ?


  • Hello,

    I have done all steps you have shown on this blog. Now I have the problem, that I can not insert anything for email or whatever. The webservice does response. I have checked it by display the state of delivery.

    What is wrong?



    P.S.: I have same problem with each other webservice I will use with WebDynPro.

    • Hi Peter,

      What do you mean by "I can't insert any thing" ?
      You mean the input fields are read-only ?
      Or when you execute the service you are not getting the result ?

      Please explain in detail.


  • Hi developed the application by following the blog.But I am getting NOT COVERED as output status.Any pre requisites needed? Please resolve this.