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Day 1: Getting settled….

So by now I’m sure a few have either heard or read Mark’s little Huge one for the SDN Community by now and for all of you that replied I just want to say THANK YOU your well wishes have helped a lot as I tried to traverse the vast SAP city here in Walldorf today.

It certainly has been a day, OK, they did take it easy on me with a lazy start, I managed to get my little photo ID, aren’t they always a pain? I mean you end up looking either goofy or like a criminal, this time I think goofy says it best.

That was followed by a short tour of the building and the main points of interest outside of the office such as bathroom, lunch area, coffee area (man they even have water without the bubbles that Germans love so much), the IT office and Secure ID people. All of which I would have never found without the help of one of SDN’s own, Kathy, so THANK YOU!!!!. She also showed me to where I will be working, which just happens to currently be a small chunk of her own desk. Gotta figure out the online ordering system tomorrow I think. In our office as well is Pranav and across the hall is Michael. Look at this the first day and I’ve already learned the SDN “behind” the scenes is larger than I could have first thought.

Now I’ve not had much of chance today to get to know everyone just yet nor have I had a chance to do more than get a laptop to use (online order system, must learn) and try to work my way into things. OK that’s not exactly true, my own laptop has already been ordered and should be here (they are taking very good care of me here) and I have a huge “to do” list from Mark, leave it to him to come into work call me and then start sending me mail after mail after mail. Oh and for those of you who have already emailed me about the sticky forum post I added that to my list as well so I’ll see what I can do help out.

I’ve also found myself with a few more menu options as of late as well as 0 points. Apparently in the next couple of days my account will be all switched over and things will be back to normal, until then I need to start looking through some of these menu options, one says something about Weblog Applications. So if you have one and are awaiting approval, be sure you have followed all the SDN Weblogs: Making it easier… and that will help me to help you get approved faster!! Oh and just in case you are wondering since I am new to that part I will be following the guidelines strictly! So help me out!!

Now with TechEd coming up I think I’m going to find myself with my hands full but for those of you who already know me I’m sure we’ll still be seeing plenty of each other in the forums and I will be blogging about things that I learn as I go along as well as some of the new and exciting changes that are coming…

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  • Congrats Craig - hope you will enjoy your new home! I had a great time at SAP but my way lead me to the golden gate bridge. Hope to see you at this years TechEd in Vienna, will show you around at my old stomping grounds;-) Harald
  • Great to the SAP icon against your name. Nothing like being seated in the most happening place in the SAP world in the most happening of times.

    However for the first timers this url /people/craig.cmehil/blog is a bit misleading where is all that great weblogs of yours.

  • Congrats Craig and Good luck for your new job. Nice to see SAP tag along with your name. And nice to hear your First day expreience.


  • hi criag!
      to day one of my friend informed me that " now she is clear of her doubt that Criag is not a program  but a human".
      wish you all the best at your new job.