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Huge one for the SDN Community

A small step for SAP, but a huge step for the SDN Community. I am super happy that one of our Top Contributors, where people were already wondering if he really has a day job, is joining the SDN Team.

imageTomorrow the 20th of July Craig Cmehil is joining us and will be able to do full time what he was only doing on the side so far.

You may ask yourself, how did that happen. Well, Craig was applying for a developer position at SAP and the good folks from HR let us know that one of our top contributors is applying for a job.

We were like: “Wait, let’s see what we can do.” Luck will have it that a position in our group opened and tomorrow the rest will be history.

I am convinced, that hiring Craig is one of the best things we did this year. He is definitely one of the people that make SDN special, with his dedication great content in the forums, Weblogs, articles and code samples, as well as his contributions to  SDN Meets Labs and SAP TechEd. He showed us the way how to carry the developing with The BSP Invasion begins…..

Craig has proven again and again how passionate he feels about SDN and the community here, it fills me with great joy that he can focus full time on his passion now.

It is also beautiful that just yesterday he passed the 10.000 SDN points mark and joined Thomas Jung in the 10K circle. Congratulations.

Of course we were corresponding already regarding SDN issues in the last days, we once even made him a moderator in the forums, until we realized that every moderator gets the SAP icon next to his or her name so we took it back.

Lately I have been a bit frustrated, because lots of little things bogged me down, so that I couldn’t be as active as I wanted to be here in the community. I am convinced with Craig’s help that will get better too.

So please give him a warm welcome in his new role.

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  • This is great news! Way to go Craig for your 10k points and new position at SDN.
    PS: Now that you are "officially" with SDN, I won't feel so guilty about bugging you with my queries 😉
  • Hi Mark, Hi Craig,

    thats rearly a good message this morning. Craig I wish you all the best for this new position. Hope that you can keep and bring your fresh spirit into SAP.


  • Congratulations Craig - nice move, looking forward to seeing your influence (even more) on SDN.

    /me prepares a long list of desired SDN site fixes to send to Craig ...

    (Just kidding about the long list 😉


  • Congratulations on both the new job and 10,000 points.

    Now we will all expect you to spend a solid 24 hours a day on SDN instead of the normal 23 1/2 hours. 🙂  Who needs sleep anyway.

  • Craig, in the short period that I've seen and read your weblogs, you've been a great addition to the SDN community.  And, now being a full-fledged member of the SDN team, well, I couldn't think of a role more fitting for you, other than CEO (my lame effort at sucking up).  All the best to you in your job and see if you can bug Mark for me to get me that T-shirt he promised 😉
  • Thank Mark and everyone for all the "Congrats"!! They mean a lot and helped out a lot today!

    For those of you asking about your t-shirts - email me I'll ask around!

    The sticky topic is on my list but I'm just starting I gotta find the right people to bribe first!