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About the IBAN (International Bank Account Number)


Since November 1996, the European Committee for Banking Standards (ECBS) developed a new standard, intended for cross-border banking transactions. SAP developed its modifications in order to adapt their products to this new requirement. This blog pretends to be a collector of all the steps that must be performed in order to have your system customized for the IBAN functionality. So I ask for your cooperation, folks!

Important: I’m working with SAP R/3 4.6C, so the following applies only to this release and further.

What is IBAN?

I strongly recommend you this brief explanation by ECBS about what IBAN is and how it’s implemented. Of course you don’t have to learn by heart every single step of the IBAN calculation and validation, but you may take this document as a functional/technical explanation of what function modules CHECK_IBAN, CONVERT_BANK_ACCOUNT_2_IBAN* and CONVERT_IBAN_2_BANK_ACCOUNT* actually do.

Let’s go to work!

These are the notes I’ve collected till now:

Non-SAP-standard implementations

Unfortunately, for a number of countries, SAP does not provide a standard functionality in order to generate the IBAN, nor to generate the national bank account. We have developed some customer-made function modules to convert from IBAN code to national bank account. These are:

  • AD – Andorra
  • BG – Bulgaria new!
  • CS – Serbia and Montenegro
  • GI – Gibraltar
  • LI – Liechtenstein
  • MK – Macedonia, FYR
  • MT – Malta
  • SE – Sweden
  • TN – Tunisia
  • TR – Turkey

Any help/correction/comment on these function modules will be greatly appreciated and (why not!) rewarded with a coffee at our central offices at Barcelona :-).

Last (but not least) words

Well, after all this list of countries (which could remind you of the Eurovision Song Contest) and notes and corrections, I only want to wish you “Good luck!”. And please, any information you get about the IBAN issue, please reply to this blog and I’ll update it ASAP.

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  • Nice blog, a general update on SAP and IBAN usage:

    Finally SAP have altered the functionality to allow IBAN without a bank account which does mean that a lot of these requirements are no longer. From OSS note 971175 the following is stated

    The new function "IBAN without bank account number" is available as of Release ERP 2005 (ECC 600), Support Package 7.  This requires the following Support Packages:

    SAPKH60007 of the software component SAP_APPL
    SAPKA70010 of the software component SAP_ABA.

    We have implemented this functionality and it works fine. Please search for additional notes if you have dual control on the IBAN.

    • Thank you Simon,
      Now I'm still working at SAP R/3 4.6C, but we are planning to upgrade to ECC6.0 in the future. Thanks again for your cooperation. Kind regards,