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New Version of EP Migration Tools Available

Updated Portal Migration Tools

For all of you who are planning a migration of your EP5 or EP6 portal to NetWeaver, I wanted to let you know there is a new version of the tools and documentation made available July 14, 2005. You can get the new materials at the same places as before. See my previous blog for the info.

Gathering the Documentation for an Enterprise Portal Migration is a Lot Like Herding Cats!

What’s New

There is a new patch level of the tools available for SP9 of NetWeaver. Patch 8 is now the current level of the migration tools. Check out the migration guides for the specific details. There is also a new registration process to use the new tools. Customer note 854791 has the specific details. In general, you will open a customer message in the component EP-PIN-MIG and give it the text “RegKey Request”. You will need to provide the following information:

1. Company name:
2. Customer number:
3. Contact details of the lead(s) for your EP migration project:
4. Are you planning to use the SAP portal migration utility?
5. Are you planning to use the SAP KM migration utility?
6. Do you plan to have an SAP consultant, partner, or other representative involved in your migration project?
7. Projected start date for your EP migration project:
8. Projected date for migrating to your production system:
9. Planned NW ’04 go-live date for production system:
10. Source portal version (e.g., EP6 SP2 Patch30, EP5 SP6 Patch3 HF1)
11. Target portal version (e.g., EP6 SP9 Patch8)

Shortly after, you will be issued a key. Follow the directions in the migration giude. For the EP6 SP2 migration, you will enter this key when prompted by the migration tool. For EP5, the key is added to a property file on the portal system.

Only one key is needed for the entire landscape. This means that you only have to request one key for all the systems you plan to migrate.

Updates for EP6.0 SP2 to NW04 SP 9 migration:

1. A validation check for the portal Database input field was added to the migration tools
2. Note 834976 – bcp command uses default port instead of provided one
3. Migration fails when the portal is in strong encryption
4. Domain user (a user which is not local) cannot stop J2EE server

Updates for EP5.0 SP6 to NW04 SP 9 migration:

1. Mapping script was added to the skipping and mapping filter file so that customers will be able to map EP 5.0 pages to layouts which were created for the NW04 portal. This enables the compatibility of the NW04 pages to the EP 5.0 pages.
2. A pre-migration verification check of the user management configuration was added.
3. Support of data sources and systems with non-compliant PCD characters in the name/ID(like spaces)

If you were experiencing any of the above mentioned issues, make sure you download the new version of the tools

Keep an Eye Out

Migration will soon have its own page on SDN and on SAP’s Service Marketplace. Look for general announcements. As soon as I have the information, I’ll post it to SDN.


SAP Maintenance on EP 5.0 ends September 30th 2005.

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