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BSP Extension for Downloading a Table: Applying an Iterator

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This morning a question was posted to the weblog Creating a BSP Extension for Downloading a Table  Marcus Pohl wanted to know if the example BSP extension supported adjusting the downloaded content to reflect a .

****For each component (field) in the table -Output the data

  •    LOOP AT struct ASSIGNING <wa_desc>.

    LOOP AT struct2 ASSIGNING Download the Source Code</STRONG></p>

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  • Hi Thomas,

    thanks for some excellent blogs. I have successfully implemented the RTTS version of this blog and it works great for XLS and HTML. However, when downloading to XML, the column names of col_def are not displayed. Is there anyway to achieve this?


    • Well for the XML output I am just using a Call Transformation - this means that the format of the output is really controlled by the inner functionality of the Call Transformation.  It decides to use the column names and not the descriptions. 

      The XML output isn't exactly human friendly, so I never really considered changing this. I would imagine that if you wanted to do so, you would have to rewrite this method and use the iXML class libraries to construct the output instead of the call transformation.