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Customizable mail texts

h5. Introduction   In RACC we work very often with mails: requests for releasing purchase orders (MM), for authorizing travel expense reports (FI-TV), and also for broadcasting reports (see my weblog about this feature (Broadcasting reports via mail with PDF-attachment)). Many of these mails have information to be formatted, for example:  >   Dear Ms/Mr &PAYEE_NAME&:  We are please to inform you that a total amount of &AMOUNT& &CURRENCY& has been transferred to your bank account &BANK_COUNTRY& &BANK_KEY& &ACCOUNT_NUMBER& &CHECK_DIGITS&.    Yours sincerely, &OUR_NAME&.   Personally, I don’t like very much hard-coding this text into my ABAP source — I make it customizable instead. For this sake we could use a table.  h5. Procedure   * First, create the table image
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  • Hi Rich,
    you are right, SO10 is better and quicker. But I wanted these texts to be maintained by end-users, so I decided to create the Z-table, and allow them to update it via SM30. I don't really fancy giving them access to transaction SO10...
    Thanks for reading!