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Reorganization of SAP Business Intelligence forums

Dear SDN Community,

as you are probably aware of, the SAP BI forums have been reorganized. We certainly hope that you like the new structure better than the old forums.

Here are some of the reasons behind the reorganization:

1) The message volume in both BI forums has picked up a lot the past months. In June 2005 there were 1550 threads compared to only 133 a year ago.

2) It was unclear into which of the two (old) BI forums to post. Questions got posted in both of them.

3) The two forums covered too many topics to facilitate as a knowledge base. The Q&A was just all mixed.

The new structure with five forums is aligned along the SAP component hierarchy that many of you are familiar with from SAP Service Marketplace or OSS. Here’s a description of what goes where:

Business Intelligence Old Forum 1 (Read Only Archive)

General questions and suggestions related to the SAP Business Intelligence (BI) are best posted here. This includes everyday topics like project management, training and education for BI, general requests for information about this SAP NetWeaver component, or any other topic that does not fit to one of the specialized BI forums. It is also a good place to discuss issues around installation, sizing, upgrade of the software, release information, and questions around languages and Unicode.

Business Content and Extractors

This forum is about the pre-configure roles and information models that are delivered by SAP as so called Business Content. Post your questions about integral roles, specific data models and extractors for SAP R/3 or other mySAP Business Applications here. Typical areas include among many others BI for Financial Accounting (FI), Controlling (CO), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Logistics (LO), and Human Resources (HR).

Data Warehousing

The Data Warehousing forum deals with the topics of integration, transformation, consolidation, cleanup, and storage of data. Include questions about data modeling (ODS, InfoCubes, master data, hierarchy design, aggregates), data extraction/staging (source system connection, transfer and update rules, UD/DB connect), and administration of the data warehouse management processes (administrator workbench, process chains) or other back-end related subjects. Other more matters that go here are for example open hub service, data mining, analysis process designer, transporting of objects, or archiving of data.

SAP Business Explorer (SAP BEx)

All questions about the SAP Business Intelligence Suite, the Business Explorer (BEx) should be posted here. All front-end related or user facing tools and interfaces are covered including BEx query designer, BEx web application designer, BEx analyzer (integration with Microsoft Excel), and information broadcasting. Other topics are reporting agent, virtual InfoCubes and key figures, integration with SAP Enterprise Portal (EP), and mobile technologies. Also post your questions about development technologies like BI Java SDK, MDX, OLAP BAPI, OLE DB, and XML for Analysis, or Web services for accessing query data.

Business Planning

Business Planning & Simulation now has its own forum. Here you can discuss questions and ideas about enterprise planning, planning folders, status & tracking system, web interface builder and runtime as well as specific planning applications. The areas of interest stretch from simple data input through to complex scenarios with data extraction, automatic planning preparation, manual data input, controlling the planning process, and retracting plan data.

The complete history of posts has been reclassified into the new structure. The point system has been realigned accordingly.

So we hope that you appreciate the change and will find the new BI forums more useful than the old ones. There rarely goes a question unanswered! So thanks for all of your participation in the forums.

Marc Bernard

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  • Hi Marc,

    I am glad that the reclass of the BI forums that you mentioned in Vegas has happened since it was a bit timeconsuming to search for BPS questions in the 2 BI forums...  Now they are in the same place 😀 

  • Hi,

    Is anybody else having problems with the Forum Search after the BI split.

    I cannot get the search to return any results dated prior to the split.

    For example if I search in the whole of "SAP Business Intelligence' for All dates with the keyword 'InfoCube' I get 34 results the earliest of which is dated Jul 11 2005 11:44 AM !