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Are you satisfied with BSP HTMLB, Java HTMLB & WebDynpro for rich UI? If the answer is “NO” then welcome to the world of OpenLaszlo. OpenLaszlo is XML based programming language that runs on J2ee engine and
it produces flash content/application. I am going to present series of weblogs that show you how to setup and use OpenLaszlo.

In this weblog i am going to show how to setup local development evironment but let me show you all the UI of OpenLaszlo.

The following application is written by me and it grabs HR(R/3> information for employee based on employee number.

image image

The following applications are demo programs delivered by OpenLaszlo

To develop application using OpenLaszlo locally ,you need to do the following.

1. Download the OpenLaszlo Developer Kit from following location which contains Tomcat 5.0.24 servlet container, Laszlo presentation server, documentation, sample code, demonstrations and Laszlo in 10 minutes tutorial code. Install it on your local machine by running the downloaded executable.

2. Download Eclipse 3.0 from following location.

3. Download the IDE( for Laszlo (Eclipse Feature)

4. To install the Eclipse features, follow the instructions in the readme.txt file inside


In the next weblog i am going to show you how laszlo application can be deployed inside WAS 6.4(Sap’s J2EE Engine)

image image
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  1. Former Member
    Very interesting and a nice alternative to what is currently there.

    Oh can you check your formatting I had to scroll right to see everything, might just be me though?

    1. Former Member
      I am very new to SAP and UI design for SAP portals. I have a lot of experience using Flash MX 2004 Pro and ActionScript 2.0 and would love more insight on how I can leverage Flash and Actionscript to create UI for an SAP portal.

      It appears that Open Laszlo offers me some hope, but I am a little confused. Can you create content using Flash and then via Open Laszlo integrate it into the SAP environment?

      I have a ton of hope that I will be able to use my favorite UI design tool (Flash) to create intuitive and efficient GUI for an SAP portal. So any insight you can offer is very much appreciated!

      Thanks in advance!
      Tony Zerbolio

  2. Prakash,

    sounds interesting, never have heard of this software before? Could you please elaborate in your future blogs the diferents between your approach and Macromedia Flex (as this technology is strongly pushed by SAP) and give some how-to/example coding (e.g. your HR application).


    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Dominik,
          OpenLaszlo is open source and so there is no license fee for the software and it is very easy to use. Macromedia Flex’s license is very expensive. In future weblogs i am going to put my source code out there but i would ask SDN members to download the local installation so that you are familiar with my code.


  3. Former Member
    Hmm, your sample application shows input fields, labels, tabstrips, buttons and a drop-down list. You find all these also in the Web Dynpro Standard library.


    1. Former Member Post author
      That was just a simple application written by me, you should check out some of the demo programs at I am pretty sure WebDynpro cannot provide dynamic flash content. Before you critique something, you should atleast check it out.
  4. Former Member
    Hi Prakash

    Its a nice weblog, but I have a basic question how do we handle interactions with backend applications say R/3.


    1. Former Member Post author
      Thanks Senthil. Laszlo can easily consume webservices. You can write a webservice that talks to R/3. I also wanted to mention R/3 version 4.7 or higher has all of its bapi and rfc enabled as webservice.


  5. Renald Wittwer
    Hi Prakash,
    very nice weblog, thank you very much.
    Even if OpenLaszlo is similar to WebDynpro, it is very interesting to compare. This is the spirit of a free community.
    Best regards
  6. Hello,
    very interesting to see Laszlo in this context.
    Since SAP is going to integrate Felx more and more even from the licensing perspective it is an interesting competitor. As Lazlo went OS the community respond the community feedback is pretty good. I love the solution and hope they are going to support more rich clients in the future.
    Thanks for the Post,

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