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XI as an Audio file Converter

What are the limitations of XI server? Can it be used for audio file conversion? Let’s try! I took two simple audio file formats namely wav and au formats (uncompressed).    WAVE audio files are one of the common formats used to store and play audio data. They support variable sampling frequencies, multiple channels, and a number of compression algorithms. The following gives the minimal requirements necessary to save audio data in this format; it doesn’t address compression and only considers sampled audio data.    The .au file format, originally by SUN, is a very straightforward audio format.      h2. The overall process in a brief diagram    image    h3. WAVE File format  image     h3. .au File Format    image   h2. Introduction     I took the source file format as WAVE and the target file format as .au. You may ask a big question why in XI? I found that these file formats can be mapped from one format to another. So, I just gave a try and it worked! The first challenge was to convert the audio file formats to XML format. I fixed a XML format and developed two modules which converted the audio files into XML. All the mappings and conversions are purely done using Message Mapping in IR (Design).    h3. Integration Repository (Design)          h3. WAVE to XML file         h3. Sender communication channel    image     You can see the input is a wave file and the following screen shows the deployed module configuration.     image       h3. Receiver communication channel     Similarly, the receiver communication channel is configured as follows.     image     And the module for receiver communication channel is configured as follows.     image
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  • Nicely done Felix,

    It reminds me of a few, OK  more than a few, years ago about 13 to be exact a friend of mine created a program (for a Science Fair) where he was able to store data (any kind of data) onto a tape cassette.

    In fact, Eddy, was talking about a similiar subject during SDN Meets Labs in Walldorf.

    And here you are giving everyone a taste of something similiar as well!! Well done!

    Now since I don't have XI I'll have to find a creative way to play around with your coding 🙂