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Java Mapping (Part III)

Part II described the code how to create the nested XML from flat XML. In this section, I will explain how to deploy it in XI
and how to use the deployed code in XI. Since part II explained with full of theory, I will try to explain in figures in
this blog.

The java program that I have explained you in part II will create the exact structure of IDOC. Now we have to create a jar file for the java program created.
Before creating the “jar” file just make sure that the “path” of the class file in the imported archive. It should be the
same as your “package” path.

Once the class file is created, we have to create the jar file with all the necessary files. After creating the jar file, it
has to be deployed to XI. The following section will tell you how to do that.









Once everything is done, just go to the test tab and check that everything is working fine or not. That’s it!!!!! You have
done the java Mapping.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      You could have blogged a simple one for a java mapping. I cannot refer this blog to a person who wants to learn Java XI mapping.
      i would better refer instead of these 3 blogs in java mapping.

      - The first part doesn't delve much into Java mapping but deals with some other scenario.
      - The Part-II looks like a project code.Probably you could have given simple code for demonstrating java mapping in XI.
      - And the single line 'Import jar into design' is equivalent to Part-III instead of those screenshots.

      You should have given effort to make a simple blog instead of making it complex and divide into 3.
      I am not discouraging you but keep quality also in mind apart from the race for points.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      I am a XI developer. I don't have much idea on the Java mapping in XI. Your work is excellent. Its a very good example for people like me.

      The time and effort you have spent on creating this document is really appreciable.

      For people who want send it as a reference can easily send a page link .


      Author's profile photo Prasad Ulagappan
      Prasad Ulagappan
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Sathi,

      Thank you. Even when I was doing the Java Mapping, I too faced similar issues. To make it easier, I have done this blog. Keep learning...

      Prasad U

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hello Prasad,

      I hoped that I'll find at least a fragment of information, how to built (compile) the source java code to jar.
      The problem I'm facing right now is, that I know approximately what I need to program inmy JAVA Mapping, but I could not find any info about how and where to develop and debug my possible mapping.
      E.g. I need to download from "somewhere" the SAP Java packages* and map them into my 'project' in NetBeans ... I went through the jars on the server, but could not find any (maybe they are there, but I didn't find them).

      And maybe I'm completely wrong about the development of JAVA mapping for XI.

      Would you be so kind and throw little light on this ???

      Thank you in advance.

      Best regards Tomas

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hello again,
      finally we got it with my colleague. But anyway I would be interested in any hints how to develop, debug (simulate the mapping process) and deploy the java mapping codes.

      Regards Tom