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  1. Former Member
    Nice blog and neatly presented…:)

    >>But this requirement is no longer the problem as the enhance mechanism of XSLT facilitates calling of the external routines from within the XSLT program.

    anyways calling java routines from xslt was there since 2.0 itself.


    1. Former Member
      I would love to see a working example on WAS or in portal. I am having trouble loading the class in a XSLT with a portal application.
      1. Former Member Post author
        Hi Prakesh,
        I have just started career in Netweaver XI competency for the part 4 months.
        Even I m learning WAS and EP just now .
        M feeling sorry not to answer your query properly right now. I will let you know once i come across same situation.


        1. Former Member
          Should you not gain some more experience before writing some weblogs? I wonder how people are getting approved to write weblogs(as an expert) when they only have 4 months of experience.
          1. Former Member Post author
            with due respect, please note that i have mentioned “XSLT mapping with Java Enhancement (FOR BEGINNERS)” . I hope that clears the fog around this issue.

            I am a regular reader of the weblogs in this community and never found a weblog incorporating things mentioned in the one i have put about here hence thought of posting the same.


            1. Shabarish Vijayakumar
              Pooja, do keep up with the good work !!!!

              I would like to thank the community for the support they have shown for the newbies. This is really encouraging from a community that features a lot of professionals with a years of experience under their belt.

              We all start as a newbie and its only support from others who are willing to share their knowledge that we carry ourself forth to new heights.

              Thank you all once again.


              PS: by the by, anyway that i can get a weblog id ??? Been trying but no success ๐Ÿ™

          2. Former Member
            Prakash, true I would have liked to see a bit more like you, however the weblog was well done and did stay within scope.

            None of us are experts when we start out and I applaud the effort here with taking the first step. I had even less expierence with SAP in general when I wrote my first weblog.

            To be honest I think that you replying to this weblog and making comments such as this directed to SDN in general and not to Pooja specifically, “I wonder how people are getting approved to write…”, is quite inappropriate. If you have something like this to say then it should be done in the proper way and proper place and as I can’t think of a better place at the moment I would say either or to the “SDN Suggestions” forum.

            We all want to maintain a good quality level with the weblogs and I see that you do as well, but let’s not beat on the newbie let’s find a more constructive means of achieving this goal.

            Pooja, well done and I hope you take all of these comments in a positive way and keep up the good work. “I will let you know once i come across same situation.” well, we look forward to your next weblogs and hopefully a example for the Portal as well ๐Ÿ™‚


          3. Former Member
            A newbie often stumbles over problems and issues, which are already absolutely clear for advanced programmers, where they don’t care to mention that anymore.
            In this way a weblog of a newbie might be exactly what other newbies need. A newbie for one person is an expert for another person.


  2. Former Member

    A very good blog indeed & you need to do many more of this. Nobody’s a know-all, what matters more is the courage to say you dont know.

    Looking forward to more blogs from you in the future. And then, you can always bank on the SDN Community folks to stand up for you as long as we put in good stuff. Yup, newbies will rule!!

    Thank you and best regards

    Kartik Iyengar~

  3. Hi Pooja,

    Well presented blog with clear explanation.
    I bet its going to be helpful for many.

    I’m sure each and every member in this forum started as a newbie and he/she became experienced because someone gave him/her a chance to become one.

    ‘Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man’
    – Lord Bacon

    Well… Woman in your case ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Write more blogs….



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