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          A few days ago I went to a South Indian food festival in Chennai. The venue was a big open area near Marina Beach (World’s The second Largest Beach). Each cook was cooking his/her best receipe from the stalls given to them. I happened to look at one of the chefs who was very busy cooking and serving the customers. He had a menu with fifty different varieties but all he/she had was ten or so existing ingredients. I had a firm sensation that all this very much reminded me of something. Guess what?! – Right, xApps! I was looking at every aspect of the process involved, in accepting the order, cooking and delivering the food. This is quite a strong implementation of xApps, not in software but in our real life. Let me explain.

          As you get to any one of the stall a big Information Slate meets you: “ALL visitors to the Token Counters!” The Cashier accepts all visitors and after giving basic instructions (“we accept only cash!”) and redirects you to a queue and assigns you a unique (ordinal) number. By the way, there are two other people, one taking care of food preparation and its process and the other for Food Delivery. Every person has to do his/her own designated work on the stall, based on the instructions given to them. To have any kind of food a customer has to collect the tokens from the cashier and should submit to the person preparing food and delivery is taken care by other person. So each visitors’ food order becomes an “object” routing between different services according to a specific workflow and notified by proper messages. Every service knows how to carry out its own operation. I consider each Food Prepared as a collection of processes just as, each xApps consists of a collection of processes .The Ingredients are the Use Cases as such in xApps. And as how preparation of food processes involved few activities, each process in xApps is a collection of activities. Each person on the stall is assigned with a role as how in xApps each is assigned to a responsible “role” which gets resolved to an individual or automated process at instantiation time. It’s all just about Re-inventing your Existing Ingredients to different food, similar to existing architecture to Cross-Applications with most out of what you already have and enabling greater collaboration with highly adaptive processes.

Fried Chicken satiates the hunger with taste where as this technology chicken solves Business problems.

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  1. Former Member
    Interesting analogy, however it reminds me of an old American TV Commerical “Where’s the Beef!?”, your weblog seems to lacking a bit in terms of content. Your chicken analogy is nice and interesting but I’m not walking away from this weblog having a better understanding of xApps.

    Please have a look at the discussion in this thread and then consider what you are publishing:

    Where is the original content in the weblogs

    1. Former Member
      Giving this more and more thought, I don’t wnat you to misunderstand me, the analogy was really good – but the weblog in general was missing something.

      Now that I’ve given it some thought  I realized what might actually help to make the weblog more rounded and fuller would be to simply give us links to show us where to get more information about xApps, where we can find out more to better understand them.


  2. Former Member

    Your analogy was good, but I was not able to really appreciate the point you were trying to convey.

    If you had given more info about xApps, then your web blog would have been complete.

    I guess you were more engrossed with your food while you wrote this weblog forgetting XApps ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Former Member
    Sunita must love xApps & enjoy working in SAP NetWeaver as much as Dosa & Idly. Dosa & Idly (Indian Great Food & pure Veg) are delicious but fried chicken is dead chicken!

    I saw in 1 site on “Why did the chicken cross the road?” – SAP : Logistics > Resources > Roads > Chickens > Crossing > Originating Side > Forward

    xAPPs Technology Chicken must be clucking happily in Marina Beach. I am feeing inspired to read more on xApps and see if it tastes Idly!


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