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Continuing in the tradition of showing what’s in our bag of tools, here’s a nifty free tool that Dries and I like very much, and which we feel is indispensable for the every day work of a SAP web developer.

The tool, developed by Chris Pederick , is called Web Developer (what’s in a name) and is only available as an extension for Firefox. This light-weight tool (only 112 kb ) can be retrieved at the Mozilla extension site . Describing the whole tool would simply mean rewriting the following documentation , so I’ll just stick to my favourite features.


  1. In the disable menu you can disable anything that’s available in the web world. In the example below, you can see that I can even disable the stylesheets for the current site in the browser.


  2. In the CSS menu, you can view/edit/…the stylesheet ad hoc without using additional tools or downloading the stylesheets.
  3. In Forms menu, you can convert GETs to POSTs and vice versa, edit form fields, view form info, show passwords, etc.
  4. The Image menu lets you display all possible info about images, hide them, find broken images, outline images, etc.


  5. In the information menu you can view IDs, link paths, classes, etc.


  6. My all time favourite is the Miscellaneous menu, where you can clear authentication, history, etc. This means that you don’t need to restart you browser when you clear session cookies, which is very handy when testing a statefull application.
  7. With the Outline menu you can make the frames visible for tables/cells.


  8. The Resize menu lets you experiment with all possible screen sizes in order to see what your site looks like on other screen resolutions. No need to play with the display settings of your PC and the disarranged icons which result!
  9. With the Tools menu you can validate anything from the current page. You can choose the validation tools yourself with the options.
  10. Guess what View source does?
  11. Besides colouring, you can set the default e-mail address for forms, shortcut keys, whether the javascript console needs to popup on errors, etc. in the Options menu.

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do with this tool. So what are you waiting for? Just download and use it.

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