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If you have, take a survey…

If you have used the SAP NetWeaver Rapid Installer in any way, shape or form, the SAP NetWeaver Rapid Installer Development Team would like to hear from you.  Click here to fill out a short, six question survey about your impressions.  The SAP NetWeaver Rapid Installer is a new tool and customer feedback is invaluable in early stages of software development.  Now is a chance to influence the development process; this information will be taken into consideration in future versions of SAP NetWeaver Rapid Installer in order to provide you with an implementation tool that will fulfill even more of your requirements to your greatest satisfaction.

If you haven’t, learn a little bit more…

Imagine a one-click installation of NetWeaver.  The SAP NetWeaver Rapid Installer was born out of that idea.  SAP NetWeaver offers a lot of opportunities and advantages, but for the folks that have to install it and get it running, it’s pretty complex – up to 8 different installers!  The SAP NetWeaver Rapid Installer is one of the first steps to a simpler process.  In the latest version, it allows you to quickly install and deploy the SAP NetWeaver components SAP NetWeaver Portal, Knowledge Management, Collaboration and SAP NetWeaver Application Server 6.40 (Java).  Just start up a wizard, go through about 10 steps or so and after a few hours you have a Portal with pre-configuration complete!!!

Let’s take a look at what the version 2.1 installs…

Installation of the following components (based on NetWeaver 04, SP10):

  • SAP NetWeaver Application Server (Java) 6.40
  • SAP NetWeaver Portal
  • Knowledge Management (including TREX)
  • Collaboration

Installation of Business Packages:

  • ESS and MSS Scenarios (Business Package for Employee Self-Service (mySAP ERP 2004) 60.1, Business Package for Manager Self-Service (mySAP ERP 2004) 60.1, Business Package for Manager Self-Service 60.1.4 (2.1 only), Business Package for Manager Self-Service (SAP XSS) (2.1 only))
  • Business packages with business scenarios for mySAP CRM (Business Package for SAP CRM 4.0 60.2.2, Business Package for mySAP CRM – Business Productivity Pack 60.1.1, Business Package for mySAP CRM – Business Productivity Pack SAP R/3 Integration 60.1)

Installation of a system landscape directory (SLD) in case you want the Rapid Installer to install a new SLD.

Installation of CCMS agents to enable monitoring.

Configuration of:

  • the Portal system landscape by creating backend connectivity to ERP, CRM, BW and CCMS backend systems
  • user store for User Management Engine

And, like I said, it’s pre-configured and ready to go with a minimum of post-installation activities once the installation is complete (about 2 hours for a typical installation).  And it’s not just a toy to play with, systems installed with the SAP NetWeaver Rapid Installer are just like any other system and may be further configured, upgraded and so on.  In future releases, even more scenarios are being added to the tool.

Pretty cool, huh?

To make things even easier and save even more implementation time, some of our hardware partners, HP and Sun, offer hardware specifically configured for the needs of SAP NetWeaver Rapid Installer. 

The SAP NetWeaver Rapid Installer is shipped on DVD and ordered from the SAP Software Catalog.  Check it out.  Then, give the Rapid Installer Team your feedback

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  1. Hi Matt,

    Very good informational blog !!

    Is there something out there for XI (atleast for all-in-one installation) ?


    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Sridhar,

      Unfortunately at this time there is no “all-in-one” tool for the Exchange Infrastructure.  As I’m sure you are aware, XI would be an extremely complex scenario.  In the long term, though, I would expect all NetWeaver installation tools to become less complex, especially with information learned with/from the Rapid Installer development.

      Best Regards,

  2. Marian Harris
    Heya Matt!

    Not only have we seen it and used it ourselves, but our SAP Best Practices team has used this during our workshops where we host a little “BYOB party”, except that instead of beer, customers and partners “bring their own box”, and we conduct a rapid installation of portal using SAP NW-RI.  We’ve done this with at least 25 customer and partner boxes, and are happy to say that everyone’s box was up and running within 6 hours, including initial installation of MS-SQL Server. 

    We recently conducted a free one-day workshop with ASUG members in Philadelphia, and in 7 hours each particpant:
    1. Installed MS-SQL trial
    2. Installed portal via NW-RI (done by lunch time…)
    3. Connected it to an SAP R/3 4.7 backend
    4. Imported a business package
    5. Created new users, assigned roles
    6. Played around with some of the basic portal functionality.

    NW-RI was definately a help since you save time in installation (no separate installation for KM), and many business packages are already pre-loaded.

    Great tool, but people who plan on using it should order it BEFORE they have to use it on the project since it takes a few days by mail to receive it.

    Also, while it’s simplified, project team members do need to read the instructions!

  3. Former Member
    Matt, We participated in Marian and Craig’s excellent workshop in Philadelphia on 6/17.
    You and your team laid a good foundation at the ASUG Annual Conference Pre-Con session “Architecting Your Path to “Powered by Netweaver” SAP ERP Applications”, which helped to de-mystify Netweaver for us.
    The exercises workbook provided in the Rapid Netweaver/Portal workshop is a good take-home roadmap.
    The workshop was a great jump-start for us.
  4. Former Member
    This seems a very limited offering that will not be a good choice for a great many customers.  We have neither Sun nor Windows in our SAP landscape, nor do we plan on introducing either.  I looked through the ppt presentation on the rapid installer, and although it mentioned functionality improvements over the coming year, it did not mention any planned expansion to other platforms.  Is that forthcoming?

    David Hull

    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi David,

      Rapid Installer is a project designed to learn how to make the installation process simpler.  The initial offerings are on limited platform choices.  With Rapid Installer 2.5 we will also support Windows/Max DB and Linux/Max DB.  There are also plans underway for Windows/DB6 and Linux/DB6.

      Best Regards,


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