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I have been very energized by seeing how simple, quick and powerful mobile applications are in the Netweaver environment.  If there is anyone left asking why did they mess with my beloved BASIS or what would I want with a web server in my SAP systems — take a look at mobilizing your investments.  Within minutes you can mobilize existing BW reports.  And with webdynpro the options seem limitless.  Within a few days of playing we have created a very useful application for our mobile users.    I would like to ask this community for some assistance.  We have accomplished these task with no training or advise — it is just that simple.  But I would love to see tips and tricks from the masters.  Would the developers of CRM’s Mobile Sales or others be willing to share tips and tricks on how best to format apps for the Blackberrys?  Or how best to handle logons if my app crosses multiple back-end systems?  Etc…  I participated in a Usability survey with CRM Mobile Sales at ASUG and wished I would have taken notes.  I found the application intuitive and formatted very well for the Blackberry.  How’d you do that?  Our application could look a little better but still does the job.
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  1. Pablo Casamayor
    i do agree with Craig, you could encourage others to follow your steps in a weblog sharing your views on mobile applications.
    Congratulations for the effort you´ve done.
  2. Gregor Wolf
    Hello Jeff,

    if you want to get CRM on a Black Berry Device have a look at SAP MSON 1.0 (Mobile Sales Online). It is well documented, easy to install and to customize and gives you online access to CRM Activities, Accoutns, Opportunities and CRM Reports from BW. You can get it from -> Download
    Search for Support Packages and Patches

    Entry by Application Group

    My Company’s Application Components

    Archive for Support Packages and Patches
    -> Search for Support Packages and Patches -> Search for MSON.


  3. Former Member Post author
    We’re far the the masters but here is how we started.  We already have been using BW’s Web Application Designer (BEX) and there is a great HOW-TO paper “Business Explorer Mobile Intelligence in SAP BW 3.0” that can walk you through a simple example.  By playing around you can see what seems usable on each type of device.  The “how-to” tells you where you can download WAP (Web Phone) and Pocket PC emulators.  If you are a Blackberry shop, there are BlackBerry emulators on Blackberry’s web.  I found that at least on BW 30B, that one needs to create very simple reports with few characteristics.

    At this point we created a simple web page with a list of 4 BW urls and 1 webdynpro.


    As for the webdynpro, BlackBerry browser can support FlowLayout and GridLayout (the two most simple layouts).

    How this helps you get started too.

    1. Former Member
      Jeff, this is kind of my point, your weblog was a bit … well empty. This type of info, where to get started, links, documents, guides, etc. This is what you need to add into this weblog, maybe even a screen shot or two or a photo would be nice. The more you entice us with your weblog the more we are going to start pushing SAP for more in terms of this technology ๐Ÿ™‚

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