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In this weblog, I will explain you the configuration steps for ESS 4.6C Business Package in SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 on WAS 6.40. I am using SAP R/3 4.6C (IDES system) because it contains test data. We need to install ITS in order to connect to the IDES system from Enterprise Portal.


1. Download the ESS Package for SAP R/3 4.6C system from
2. SAP R/3 4.6 C(IDES system) installed and configured
3. ITS installed for the above SAP R/3 System
4. SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 on WAS 6.40 installed and properly configured


1. Login to the IDES system using SAP GUI and Go to transaction PA30.


Press F4 in the Personnel No. Input Field and select an existing personnel number (Note down the user name for that personnel number). For e.g.: Personnel No. 100228 here.

2. Go to transaction SU01 and check whether user with that personnel number exists or not. If that user exists, change the password for that user. Later we use this user for user mapping in SAP EP. If that user doesn’t exist, search with the user name for that personnel number and change the password for that user.


3. Now we have to configure Enterprise Portal for this IDES system. We have to first create a system with the connection parameters for ITS & IDES system.

Go to System Administration -> System Configuration -> System Landscape. Select the folder in which you want to create a system. Right Click the selected folder and create a new system (SAP_R3_Dedicated).


Enter the connection parameters for the ITS and IDES system.

ITS Connection Parameters:


User Management Parameters:


IDES System Parameters:


And Logical System name parameter for the IDES system has to be changed.

4. Create system alias for the above created system and test it through ‘Connection Tests’.


5. Do the user mapping for the portal user with IDES System’s User by selecting ‘User Administration -> User Mapping -> Edit’.


6. Now you have to import the Business Package for ESS which you have downloaded from the sdn site.

Go to System Administration -> Transport -> Import.

Select Client here if you want to import from your Desktop PC. Later browse and give the path for the package to be downloaded.


Now click on Upload button and sever will read the content of the package and details will be displayed in the Import Preview.

Later Press the Import button and content will be imported to the path ‘Portal Content -> Migrated Content -> EP 5.0‘.


7. In the next step, you have to change the system parameter for iViews of ESS package to the above created system alias.


8. You can now create a role which contains ESS Worksets and later on you can assign that role to users or groups as per your requirement.

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Srinivas,

       That is a great and excellent work. It helped me a lot and made my work easier in doing this for my requirement.

    Martina. SA

  2. Former Member
    Hi Srinivas,
         Ther personnel number(pernr) of an employee is not the ESS userid of an employee. To check the userid of employee you need to display infotype 105 with subtype 001. Infotype 105 with subtype 001 is used in SAP to connect the employee information with user id. Please correct that information on your weblog. Than you.
    Prakash Singh
    1. Hi Prakash,

        Thanks for suggesting the correction. In IDES system there are some personnel numbers as user ids and hence for easy understanding, i have taken this case to explain the configuration in this weblog. 


  3. Former Member
    Great article!  I would like to recreate your scenario.  Is there a way I can contact you.  I have R/3 4.6C with IDES, but I did not find any users.  Also, do you know where I can get documentation on installing ITS correctly and working.

    Faisal Rajib

  4. HI,
    As i know ESS 60.1 is the latest version, is it necessary to install ITS, i want to import and see the iviews of ESS 60.1 what are the pre requisites and procedure to do this.
  5. Former Member
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  6. Thanks for the work. It is quite helpful.

    However, maybe you could expand more on the steps required to get ITS up and running (in case you are not using WAS 6.40), and also how to publish the services needed to the ITS.

    It is a bit disconcerting that these kind of step-by-step guides are not provided by SAP, but that one has to find this kind of information in a weblog.

    1. Oh yes, and the other thing which is quite important in this setup is the system alias, which you mention in your blog, but is quite crucial. Maybe you can just expand on that.
  7. Former Member
    Hi Srinivas,

    The “Dedicated Application Server for R/3 System” template doesn’t show in my Portal, is there a place where I can download this template?, Is it part of a package?

    Alma C.

  8. Former Member
    many thanks for your posting.

    I haven’t understood why you still use ITS in Enterprise Portal 6.0? Isn’t the ESS of EP 6.0 based on WebDynpro and/or BSP?

    I look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance.



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