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Gathering the Documentation for an Enterprise Portal Migration is a Lot Like Herding Cats!

It seems like trying to get all the available information on Enterprise Portal migrations in one place is like herding cats. You know, you think you have it all together, but there is still one thing missing. I’m going to take a shot at helping you find all the various places to get information on EP migrations.

First the migration guides are published as How-to papers on service marketplace here is the link:

In the navigation panel, choose Portal, KM, and Collaboration. Then in the center window, expand the “ALL” entry. You will find the migration guides there. Choose the EP 5.0 to NetWeaver or the EP 6.0 SP2 to NetWeaver. Which ever meets your needs.


Next, let’s get the migration tools . They are also on service marketplace in the software download center. Follow this link:

In the left hand navigation choose the path: Download -> Support Package and Patches -> Entry by Application Group -> SAP NetWeaver -> SAP NETWEAVER -> SAP NetWeaver 04 -> Entry by Component -> EP Migration.

Again select the appropriate software for the migration you are planning to do. Note, for the EP5 migration there is only the KMC migration tools. The tool for the EP5 portal migration is included in the actual EP 6.0 on NetWeaver software.


Customer notes are another place to look for further information. The migration documentation references several important notes. This is the one area that will change probably as soon as this is posted. So here are the two main notes: The link to notes is:

732458 Migration Enterprise Portal 6.0 SP2 to NW ’04 – Central note
732461 Central Note – Migration of EP & KM from 5.0 to NW ‘04

Other notes related to the EP 5.0 migration to NetWeaver are:

834466 Migration of EP 5.0 favorites
830633 KMC: Migration problem for fsdb repository
826391 Instance startup hangs after EP6 SP2/EP5 migration to NW’04
813176 Calendar Repository Manager Implementation
813129 Error while importing MSS
810628 CRM 3.1 navigation with parameter passing
809412 BW iView doesn’t show data in cache mode
806470 Content doesn’t bring data from back-end after migration
796408 Pilot Migration of KMC from EP5.0 SP6 to NW ’04 (EP6.0 SP6)
793516 Migrated page with Netscape iView doesn’t work
790600 Central Note – Patches for EP 6.0 SP9, NW ’04 SP Stack 09
774592 URL and IVIewCatcher IViews doesn’t work after migration
763825 NW´04 CM & Collaboration: SPStack04 Patch2
726750 New properties in R/3 System template for EP 6.0 SP3
716264 Partial Migration from EP 5.0 to NW04
708577 PLM iViews do not work after migration
707114 Empty column is displayed in page after import / migration
703034 Migration EP5 to EP6/NW ’04 Troubleshooting for portal
692418 Migration of User Management Data from EP 5.0 to EP 6.0/NW04
685227 Role-Group reassignment after EP5 to EP6/NW’04 migration
676910 After migrating EP5 to EP6 Property files based iViews fail
676253 EP 6.0: Central Note for Universal Worklist (UWL)
658798 Theme Editor: Theme Migration from EP 5.0 to EP 6.0/NW’04
642999 Import Filter
642827 BP for Portal Users on SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0/NW’04
642775 Composite SAP Note for Business Packages as of EP 6.0 SP 1 a

Other notes related to the EP 6.0 SP2 migration to NetWeaver are:

837509 Rapid installer – Administrator user not found in database
836768 Initial Troubleshooting for Portal SP2 to SR migartion
834976 Error SQL Server does not exist or access denied
830633 KMC: Migration problem for fsdb repository
830263 Support Platform plugins for SP2 to SR1 migration
827768 Comparison between Migration and Transport
827718 Initial content, modified by customer, is not migrated
826391 Instance startup hangs after EP6 SP2/EP5 migration to NW’04
817292 Schema violation when creating groups on LDAP Server
816922 Migration: “!” cannot be contained in the directory name.
811741 Delete the file sapins_dev.log after migration: SP2 to SR1
810454 NW´04 CM & Collaboration: SPStack09 Patch 3
807496 KMC UWL: Post migration configuration for Java Workflow
805735 Web report not supported after migration from SP2 to NW04
804876 KMC EP6.0 SP2 to NW04 migration upgrade initial permissions
795158 NW´04 CM & Collaboration: SPStack09 Patch 2
795142 Portal file deployment failed – Troubleshooting
793289 EP6.0: PCD Inspector Component Notes
791649 User unable to logon by ticket
780679 NW04: Supported user and role handling scenario
778977 Migration of PCD configuration from EP6.0 SP2 to NW04
777176 Migration EP6 to NW04 Troubleshooting for Portal
759004 Theme personalization lost after upgrade to EP6 SP6
758370 Error in ISA iViews of BP CRM4.0 60.2 with EP6 SP4
741847 LogAdmin is not delivered with NW SP Stack 4
733962 Session error when accessing ISA from the portal
640330 EP6: Adding Properties to systems and system templates
589012 EP 6.0 SP2 on WAS 6.20: Central Note for EP-BC-UME


There have also been two webinars on the migration topic. You can either get the presentations or listen to the eBooks. Find the list of all the webinars here:

On February 2, 2005 there was a webinar entitled “Migration of EP5/EP6 to SAP NetWeaver ‘04” and on May 12, 2005 there was one entitled “Planning an EP Migration Project”

Also, for those reading this now, on June 15, 2005, there will be a webinar entitled “Enterprise Portal Migration – Real Life Experiences”. If you miss it check the above link for the replay.


Last but definitely not least, there is an entire SDN forum specifically for portal migrations. Find it here:

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  • Phew…!!! I am searching for sometime to compile all the information together before I present the same to my management.

    But guys…How smooth is the migration…I am planning to do a EP6SP2 to EP6SP11 migration..any one handled this before.


    • Rajan you must have got the answer for this, just to say it has to be on SP09 and then upgrade. SP12 is out. By the time you go live it will be time for SP13.

      Regards Ashutosh

  • Those cats are tricky and they are hidding everwhere.  I found another piece of information that will be helpful to those of you getting ready to do a enterprise portal migration.

    There are RKT learning map for the EP5 SP6 migration to NetWeaver and for the EP6 SP2 migration to NetWeaver. (don’t worry what RKT stands for) These particular sessions are PDFs of slides from a migration workshop where the migration tools were taught and test migrations run.

    Here is the link to get to the learning map:

    in the navigation panel on the left, choose “SAP Netweaver Learning Maps”. Then choose “SAP NetWeaver ’04: EP 6.0 on WebAS 6.40”  Then on the right find the link for “Implementation Consultant Portal”. There you will find the migration learning map.

    Just a Note: I’m not sure, but this RKT area of the service marketplace may have an additional subscription fee.  If so, it is well worth it because a lot of new things make it here before it gets into formal SAP training.

  • John,

    In one of the presentations you referred us to (Planning an EP Migration Project) you refer to some documentation for the various stages of the project. I was trying to pull some of these docs from the slides in the Articulate preso but the docs on slide 10 all seem to be pointing to the same doc (The sign off form). Is there anywhere that these docs, in support of an EP Project, are located?


    Doug @ Air Products.

    • Hi Doug,
         I’ll have to get the package fixed. They aren’t anywhere else currently. In the mean time if you send me your email address and what docs you are missing I’ll send them to you.  You can write me at



    • Hi John,

      thanks for the information – very useful.

      There’s something else i’m looking for as well, could you see if you could help me here as well?

      we’re on EP5 (46c) trying to sell the project for EP6 migration with ESS/MSS implementation – at this point we are building a business case for the migration.
      do you know if there is any info available on the benefits of upgrade to EP6 and/or maybe some case studies.

      Thank you,
      Serge, Volvo trucks

  • I just completed a heterogenous SP2(mssql) – SPS13(oracle) migration. While there was no KM migration, this was a UWL migration task. I must say, it went pretty smoothly. Tried the migration on atleast 3 other systems, (2 with RI, and one regular) and wrote down all the steps carefully.
    Let me know if you need any guidance.