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1. Introduction

People Centric User Interface provides a framework for developing web applications. This framework is based on the Business Server Page (BSP) technology and uses Model-View-Controller (MVC) programming model. PCUI developed applications can be easily integrated into SAP portals. Ease of use and excellent design principles makes PCUI a very helpful framework for developing stable, scalable and intuitive pattern based web applications.

General note :
PCUI is NOT intended as a general UI framework for all SAP customers. It is limited to CRM. Everything else is unsupported by SAP,even if shipped with others solutions like mySAP ERP.

2. Documentation

  • PCUI Book
    !! Above link is not working coz of the size of the document. Most often it gets times out. In case of Error , Please Look into “ -> CRM Business Packages and PC UI -> PCUI Book for CRM 5.0.” This is CRM5.0 documentation. This document aims to convey the motives, principles, and technology behind this People-Centric UI design and to give SAP developers, external developers and consultants a detailed description of the development, extension, and adaptation of the user interface.
    Note: Double Click on this Link ,it opens a new page , Click on download link and save the book
  • Creating Application Using PCUI Framework(will be available shortly) (URL needs to be provided – link of Tiest van Gool and Reena Shaw’s Weblog)

3. PCUI Error/Problem/Query

First Aid

Below are the various places you can look at to find a solution or relevent information related to your PCUI problem.

  • PCUI Book Please Refer Section 2 of the weblog.
  • SDN Forum SAP CRM: Webclient UI – Framework
  • SAP Notes
    658796 User-defined value help and dispatcher configuration
    638630 PC-UI: Amount of the HTML container not adjustable
    763945 PC-UI: User-defined F4 help terminates because URL
    658265 Performance Issue in Search Request

    Note: It is not possible to provide all the notes here , I recommend you to personally look into SAP’s Notes repository. New important notes will be updated to this list.

Creating an OSS Message

If you have a (perceived) error, you can create an OSS Message on one of the components:

  • CRM-PCF People Centric UI Framework
  • CA-GTF-PCF People Centric UI Framework
  • CA-GTF-PCU Dialog People-Centric UI
  • CRM Customer Relationship Management

Note :Above mentioned components are root nodes, expand each node and use the correct component.

4. Recommended Reading

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    1. Former Member
      This book is good, but it’s still took me quite a bit of time to get customizations in PCUI working even after the released this information.  The source I find most helpful is the RKT for CRM had SAP Tutors on how to make PCUI customizations.  Then you can see all the screens and navigation points, unfortunately only Ramp-Up customers get to see this information.
        1. Former Member Post author
          Dear colleagues,
          As per the business guidelines ,I cannot provide you this book directly.

          As almost all of you are facing network error or time out problems in downloading this book from non-sap network , I requested SDN administrator toady to help us out by providing a ZIP version and placing the document in a faster access loaction.

          I’m waiting for their reply. Hopefully we will get the reply soon.

          vijaya Kumar M.

          1. Former Member Post author
            Dear colleagues,
            SDN administartor has now replaced PCUI Book Link with a ZIP Version. This atleast reduced 2MB size.
            Can you please try accessing the document and provide me the feed back.( Kindly try to download ZIP version to your local )

            Vijaya Kumar M.

            1. Hello Vijay,

              I had tried using the same url with the .zip extension but still unable to get to the download of the book. Could you please be kind to share the exact URL for the zip file so that we all could benefit from the zip?

              Thanks in advance.

  1. Can you please tell me how this book will be useful to budding consultants. Also tell me any prerequisites to read this book.
  2. Gregor Wolf
    Hello Vijaya,

    is it possible to make the PC-UI Book avaliable again? So many People asking for it in the Forum. It would be good if SAP could provide a official Download.


  3. Former Member
    Hi, we are integrating the CRM Internet Sales application and SAP Portal, but we are having thoughts about using the portal UME or the CRM UME.

    Thanks for the information could give us.

    Manuel -.

  4. Former Member
    Please do not ask for material to be emailed to you, use the proper links and channels to retreive the material in question, sending it through private email channels does nothing but cause confusion, possible bad or improper material and can also be illegal depending on the copy right licenses used.

    Craig Cmehil

    1. Former Member
      this is a new phenomenon, also occuring in some forums quiet often. people not answering questions anymore but posting ‘send me your email, I’ll send you some stuff’. this seems to happen not only to book or other material requests (where it were quiet obvious but nevertheless questionable) but to more or less simple questions too.
      maybe you should rethink the issue of installing an upload area for materials to exchange (though I believe that some of the materials exchanged today would not be uploaded for obvious reasons…).


      1. Former Member
        I guess this will be the next petty issue we have to address after the “points begging, cheating and otherwise wasting of energy people” seem to do instead HELPING each other and adhering to SDN etiquette….
  5. Former Member
    Hello Vijaya,

    is it possilbe to use the framework in a pure
    technogoloy? What steps to taken to use it there,
    beside your remark
    PCUI is NOT intended as a general UI framework for all SAP customers. It is limited to CRM. Everything else is unsupported by SAP,even if shipped with others solutions like mySAP ERP.
    I mean?

    Regards & Thanks & All the best,



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