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Just wanted to send out note to welcome our newest members of the 5K Club!

Congratulations Eddy and Roberto!!! Well Done!


I have a feeling Roberto will be our next member as he is not far away as it is, so perhaps we’ll be seeing another note soon enough about that. Sooner than I thought And what’s this I see Thomas is approaching the 10K mark? Could this be, the first SDNer to surpass the 5 digit number? Will SDN be able to handle it or is it another Y2K waiting to happen ?

On a serious note though, I personally want to thank all my fellow SDNers for the terrific content they provide and the great feeling of community!

So Roberto hit the 5k mark sooner than I thought and now he to is a member of the club the time here is 7:28am on June 8, 2005! Way to go Roberto!! I don’t have any photos of Roberto to play around with though ๐Ÿ™

Updated June 14, 2005 10:37 PM

We have it folks, all top 5 contributors on SDN now have over 5000 points, OK, Detlev has 5000 exactly but that won’t last long! Way to go Detlev!!!!


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  1. Eddy De Clercq
    But it’s still a long way to go in order to beat Tom and you ;-(
    Sometimes it looks like the Procession of Echternach: three jumps and only one forward.
      1. Eddy !
        Congratulations for the picture too !!!
        Craig, I had a good laugh, really…


  2. Former Member
    Welcome to the 5k club, way to go!!! Bummer I don’t have any pics of you from SDN Meets Labs to play around with otherwise you’d have your virutal 5K shirt already like Eddy does!

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