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What it’s all about?
In Enterprise Portal 6.0 SP2, a common logging API was used for most portal development projects. It was good practice to configure an own logger for each portal application. Now, when upgrading to Netweaver 04, these loggers can’t be found. All log and trace information are written into one single rotating file, the infamous defaultTrace.trc. This weblog shows how developers can view their existing logging outputs in a feasible manner.

What it’s NOT about?
It’s not about how the logging API of the SAP WebAs Java should be used, there’s enough documentation on this topic out there.

My blog is divided up into three parts:
1 – Log Configuration
Netweaver Portal Log Configuration & Viewing (Part 2)
Netweaver Portal Log Configuration & Viewing (Part 3)In the next Netweaver Portal Log Configuration & Viewing (Part 2), I will show how the outputs can be viewed in a practical manner.

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    1. Simon Kemp

      I was wondering if you had a suggestion for how a developer can change the logging level if they don’t have access to the Visual Admin Tool. None of the developers in our organisation have that sort of access on our DEV systems…

      I have tried getting them to change the level in the logger.xml file and redeploy their portal component, but that does not seem to change the level in the visual admin. Humpf!


    2. Former Member
      Hello Karster, nice to read the it. Thanks.

      When I set the Time/Date to view logs I found there is an error on the canledar. The June 11, 2006 should be Sunday but it shows on Monday. Is it a Java bug or Log
      Viewer ‘s ?

      Kind regards

      Yantong Wamg

    3. Former Member
      The author forgot to mention that the logger definition needs to be encapsulated in a

      … log definition part …

      Structure, otherwise it will fail!


    4. Former Member
      i believe this blog has been divided into 3 , i cldn’t find rest of the blogs, the link at the bottom of part 1 was broken. Can you update the link if its published ?


    5. Former Member
      I was trying to use log-configuration.xml to write logs to a file in specific folder and it never seems to be working..

      my question here is, for a webdynpro application, do i need a logger.xml ?? Appreciate a reply and Thanks for the blog.


    6. Former Member
      I am working on CE 7.1.In my Application, I implemeted Log Controllers.In NWA, we can change only severity of these Controllers.Is there any way to change the Detination and Formater of these controllers with out changing the source code.In SAP Help Doc ,With ConfigTool,it is given that we can ad, edit and remove Log controllers but there i am not able to find my Application specific Log Controllers only Server Log controllers are there.Is ConfigTool meant for only Server related Log?.
      Can you provide sugeestions regarding this issue.

      Thanks in Advance


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