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This scenario describes the steps involved in configuration of the receiver file adapter with file content conversion.

Fig1. File Content Conversion Scenario

Input Message:

This is the input message to the receiver file adapter sent from XI.
Fig2. Input XML message

Output Message:

Fig3. Output CSV Message


       XI sends a XML message as input to the receiver adapter.Now this XML needs to be converted to a File in CSV format, i.e. it may be a comma separated, tab separated etc. To generate the required output, the data type at the receiver’s side plays a crucial rule. The data type should abide to the rules of well formed XML.

The Receiver File Adapter is configured, using the following settings:

  • Choose File Content Conversion as the Message Protocol.
  • You may or may not give the ‘addHeaderLine’ parameter.
  • For the ‘fieldSeparator’ parameter you need to give field separator for both list and substructure (referring to the data type above). For eg: it may be a ‘,’ (comma) for substructure in a comma separated file.
  • The ‘endSeparator’ parameter needs to given for substructure only. For eg: it may be a ‘nl’ (new line)
  • image
    Fig4. Conversion Parameters in Adapter

  • · Give the file name, the directory and the Construction mode. Activate all the settings. Receiver File Adapter with F.C.C. is configured.

The file with desired output generated.
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      1. Former Member
        Hi Arpit,

        I am also doing the same but in my input file I have 2 rows and using the file content in my receiver I am getting only one row in my target side. Let me know How I have to get multiple row records in to my target file. Let me know the file content information.


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      1. Former Member
        I know that the default separator is the ‘NL’. In the file there is a 0A Hexa byte according to the ‘NL’. I do not need this 0A byte there. Moreover i do not need any separator between the structures.
        I have set the endSeparator to ”. It does not help. Do you have any other idea ?

        Lang, Tamas

  2. Former Member
    I get white space in the file, up to the length of each field, before each separator. How do you get rid of the white space?
    Best regards
  3. Former Member
    I have simple structure îf Message –


    and I want write it in simple txt file.

    I reach a result, but I want form a headerline automatically(according to fields in xml document in Row node)

    something like this:
    field1 field2….
    1      2

    I set

    RecordSet structure = Record,Row


    when i see a results(at runtime), i can see, that data put into the file correctly, but without headerline(((

    help please.

  4. Former Member
    Hi Arpit,
    I am also doing the same.
    I have 3 rows and using the file content in my receiver.
    Thanks for blog,even it is written before so many year still used.



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