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My experience with XI installation on Fedora Core 3 Linux

h3. List of DVDs:    #1 DVD – SAP NETWEAVER 04:  (51030843)  ** Support Release 1 **   ** Installation Master DVD **      #2 DVD – SAP NETWEAVER 04:  (51030764)  0.1.   0.2. Support Release 1 0.3.   0.4. SAP Unicode Kernel 6.40 0.5.   0.6. Oracle 0.7.     #3 DVD – SAP NETWEAVER 04:  (51030724)  0.1.   0.2. Support Release 1 0.3.   0.4. SAP Web AS Java 0.5.   0.6. SAP Netweaver Developer Studio 0.7.   0.8. IGS 0.9.     #4 DVD – SAP NETWEAVER 04:  (51030721)  0.1.   0.2. Support Release 1 0.3.   0.4. Installation Export 0.5.     #5 DVD – SAP NETWEAVER 04:  (51030723)  0.1.   0.2. Support Release 1 0.3.   0.4. Netweaver Components 0.5.     h3. List of CDs:   0.1.   0.2. Oracle 9.2 Linux version 0.3.       I copied all the DVDs into /DVD_Dumps    /DVD_Dumps/XI_SapInst_DVD                    (DVD#1,51030843) /DVD_Dumps/UnicodeKernelDVD                  (DVD#2,51030764) /DVD_Dumps/JavaDVD                           (DVD#3,51030724) /DVD_Dumps/ExportDVD                         (DVD#4,51030721) /DVD_Dumps/NWComponentsDVD               (DVD#5,51030723)     Also, I copied the oracle installation setup into   /OracleInstallation/Disk1 /OracleInstallation/Disk2 /OracleInstallation/Disk3     h3. My initial problem    The first problem that I faced with Fedora core 3 linux was with it’s Java. I was not able to run the installer or any swing applications and the java path was not on /usr/java. So, I installed sun java 1.4.2 for linux, created a soft link to /usr/java, set the JAVA_HOME variable to /usr/java and added it to PATH variable. Then I deleted the softlinks from /bin/java, /usr/bin/java and created a new softlink for /usr/java/bin/java in /bin and /usr/bin.     I hope all the pre-requisites for XI installation were done. I copied all the DVDs and CDs into the laptop’s hard disk for convenience. So I started my XI installation with central instance.     h2. Central Instance installation          h2. Database Instance installation      I set the following system variables because it caused some problems in later part of installation.   #LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/oracle/DXI/920_32/lib/:/sapmnt/SXI/exe/ #export LD_LIBRARY_PATH #SAPSYSTEMNAME=SXI #export SAPSYSTEMNAME #PATH=$PATH:$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH #export $PATH     The above mentioned is for bash shell, the GNU version of the standard shell (the Bourne-Again shell).   I ran the same setup file and selected the database instance installation. I just clicked next & continued with the following settings,    SAP System ID: SXI Database ID: DXI     When I reached the screen below,    image
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  • I can't believe SDN is letting you contribute even though you have tried to compromise the integrity of SDN's forum area. It's childish act like yours that discourages other people to get involved.
    • Hi Prakash,
      Now if only my school kids could resolve their issues so elegantly and well 😉 and in such a self-discipled way.  Thank you for wanting to protect standards of behaviour.  I am discovering that this SDN community has a fierce heart, beating loudly not only to the theme of quality but also to fairness and integrity.
      I totally understand your coming to the community's defense when those attributes feel threatened.
      On the other hand when a member strays from the path of acceptable behaviour, has the courage to make amends, and starts a new and clean effort (after cleaning up the garbage), it cannot be ignored or punished.
      I think there is a lesson in this for me, as a community member.  I need to write a short blog which describes what SDN looks for in a blogger and what standards we should uphold when approving. Perhaps that will help a bit to alleviate some of the frustration and confusion that Felix felt around the subject of "Why don't they let me blog?"  In fact I now have my blog title 😉 
      By the way, I think it rather awesome that Felix had the courage to stick around.  I hope that fact won't discourage people from healthy envolvement in our heartful community.
      Thanks, Prakash for caring.
    • Wow, talk about missing out on a few things after a few days holiday. Now I'm not sure and to be honest I don't care what Felix did in a forum.

      As Marilyn said we all deserve a second chance and this weblog is nicely put together and deserving of credit and "job well done".

      We all make mistakes, I seem to remember not to long ago of someone stating information that was not exactly accurate but we all get a second chance and it's Felix standing up and putting his foot forward that should encourage more people to get involved in this community!

      This community in my opinion is better than the rest because we all give that person not only the first but also the second and sometimes even the third chance to step forward! It's people like Felix who take the opportunity who will make the community stronger.

      "On the other hand when a member strays from the path of acceptable behaviour, has the courage to make amends, and starts a new and clean effort (after cleaning up the garbage), it cannot be ignored or punished."

      Marliyn wrote that and it should be remember by all. This is a community of people who work together and encourage each other to do the same. Yes we all have a "fierce heart" in terms of our community and we don't like those who abuse it or us but we have a "heart" as well and that means if the person makes amends and steps up again with a postive result then we should accept and embrace and encourage more.

      Craig just leaving his two cents 😉

    • Prakash,

      Even I have spend many nights "hacking" SDN, and also have a number of usernames for my creative experiments. Of course, maybe not all games should be played (or commented) in open forums. But these things are fast and easy to cleanup.

      The one thing that is important: a man assumes responsibility for his actions. Felix has done more than right. This first weblog has been under my "sponsorship" (silently somewhere in the background) and definitely lies the foundation of more to come. @Felix: I hope I am not promising to much!

      However, what is important is the way we shoot around here. With life ammo one has to be careful. It is not our technique to publically execute each and everyone for small experiments. For the events that you reference, it is for SDN to handle it quickly and quietly. We look at the global picture, see the potential, and then provide the right platform for people to rise to the challenge.

      Think twice before shooting, and see if not also you can help in making the key difference to SDN!

      regards, brian

    • May be childish to do what he did in the forums. But definitely the mature thing to do is appreciate someones commitment to make amends for their mistakes. This definitely is a weblog that comes out of his experience and good one too.

      With great power comes great responsibility

      • Hi

          I dont understand what is childish in the weblog. Everything is a learning and the mature thing would be to learn and share knowledge. The SDN community is for people to share their knowledge and expertise. There would be a lot of users who would have a tough time installing with linux and this definitely is a helpful weblog for them.

        It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks has already learnt.


  • I have installed the CI and I am now in the process of installing the DB Instance.

    I am unable to s et the LD_LIBRARY_PATH cause the following error is generated:
    /usr/kerberos/sbin:/oracle/G7A/920_32/bin:.:/oracle/G7A/:/usr/sap/G7A/ese/runU:/usr/sap/G7A/SYS/exe/run:/usr/kerberos/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin:/oracle/G7A/920_32/lib/:/sapmnt/G7A/exe not a valid identifier.

    unlike Felix I chose to extract the database files but unfortunately I can't get resolve the above.

    I am trying to install Netweaver on FC3.

    1 GB of RAM
    160 HDD
    6GB Swap space
    have all the above DVD's
    AMD 64 technology

    Please Help

    • Hey Damien, it's a small mistake.
      it's not #export $PATH it's only #export PATH.
      I fear updating it might make the blog a recent one. Hence I reply with the details here regarding your post in the forum refering to the XI installation in FC3 and the error mentioned.
      CI and DB Instance Installation

      Best regards,

  • Hi Felix,

    I try to get XI-Oracle running on FC2

    I stumbled during DB install over Update DB Statistics as you did.

    One of our SAP BASIS guys told me, that I could ignore that step, so I did in marking it as ok in keydb.xml.

    DB installation then finished ok, an I can start and log into the ABAP instance.

    However, once I try to carry out the JAVA-ADD-IN installation step, sapinst simply hangs telling me
    "reading additional shipment information from product.xml"

    The last entry of the trace file is:
    CSyUserImpl_getOsInfos(ILogBook *m_logBook, iastring sName, iastring sID, tSyUserInfo& msUserinfo)

    Do you have any idea on that?

    Thanks Matthias