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Integrating SAP and PHP

I started coding in PHP to solve a problem, not for the fact that I thought it was a cool language. I had been working for a company which has extremely tight budgets. As a consequence the Information Technology department is always at the very bottom of the investment schedule. This made it difficult to obtain the tools required to carry out my job.

I needed network management tools to keep the network running. I could not invest in some of the usual network management tools, so I had to write my own. Searching the Internet led me to an Open Source solution written in PHP. I installed it and found the language very similar to ANSI C. I now had the ability to create my own network management tools. This started my love affair with PHP.

I found that PHP provided me with the ability to solve most problems. When faced with the challenge of creating an application with SAP connectivity, I thought I was pushing my luck. As usual I need not have been concerned. I came across the SAPRFC extension for PHP, which enables connectivity to SAP systems using Remote Function Calls.

With the help of the local ABAP programmer, I was able to create some very impressive web based applications. These applications formed part of the intranet and greatly reduced the time to produce time sensitive reports.

This level of connectivity normally comes with a huge price tag. I had to let other people know about these benefits. I submitted an article to PHP|Architect which Marco Tabini saw fit to print in December 2004.

Marco has now kindly allowed SAP to have access to the article on this website. The article outlines how to get the extension working, and provides some example applications.

I hope you find it a useful introduction and find benefit from it.

Happy problem solving !

SAP & PHP Integration article

SAP & PHP Integration


Many thanks to Eduard Koucky for making this possible.

SAP & PHP Integration article
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  • You are doing a fabulous job, Jason, both in your articles, forum postings, and weblog contributions.  You might want to note that your article is already in our repository.  You can find it > here in our repository 😉