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XI: NetWeaver Administrator – first look – Logs & Traces

One of the new functionalities of the SP12 (available since 20.05.2005 – so for a whole week 🙂 is the NetWeaver Administrator.
This tool can be very helpful for every XI developer for log checking insted of using Visual Admin for this purpose
(also helpful with the Adapter monitoring).

1. Log onto NetWeaver Administratorhttp://host:port/nwa

2. Choose Analysis then Debug.

3. Now let’s try to create a simple Custom view.


4. Click Open Filter.

5. Let’s choose our Data source.


6. Choose Filter by Content then -> Severity -> Error (and we’ll create a filter just for Error messages).


7. Now let’s save “highly advanced” View 🙂


8. Let’s take a look at the Record details of the first error message.


I had to change the file adapter to a wrong address (with ftp://) but thanks to that you can see an error 🙂

I know that is just a very basic example but I hope to show you much more uses of this tool in the near future 🙂

I also hope that many of you will also post weblogs about your ideas of making it work and how you use it to monitor XI components.

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    • no problem:)

      that was the idea... just to show that there's something new:)
      (because the example is really not very diffcult)


  • hi ..
       Really a good work.. I need to get the log files of Integration Builder log files( i mean log files of integration repository and integration directory)
    where i can get this log files in XI. In which directory it will be located and in which format it will be saved.. my objective is to get the software component and name space and those details.. for example File -XI - file scenario is there, i have designed and configured the scenario. Now i kept the file in sender location..ok so IS will pick the file from sender and then its immediatelly it willupdate the log file.. so i want to get that log file.. so please help me to find this log file.. I will be very much thankful and helpful to you..

    with regards
    Bangalore, India..