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PHP Section takes root with brand new SAP+PHP content

At the beginning of the month I announced the launch of a new PHP section and forum here on the SDN. We started off with a single blog post (my own) and an empty forum. From those humble beginnings I have to say I’m incredibly excited to see there has been an explosive growth of the section, including my original blog post grabbing the top weblog title on SDN!

Although it was quite flattering to have my blog post grab the top spot, I want to take a moment and share the light with some other great blog posts I’ve seen. These guys have been an incredible help in getting things off the ground by being involved in the forums as well as writing some great stuff on PHP/SAP:

Craig Cmehil  I don’t know how Craig did it, but somehow he knew about the forum before we barely had the thing online. Add to that Getting started with PHP PHP / HowTo: Your system status (RZ20) blog posts about PHP and SAP and he’s proven himself invaluable. Thanks Craig!

Jason SimmonsI’ve seen Jason’s name floating around before so I was happy to see him get involved in the forums and start Web based booking in of items using PHP & BAPI’s about PHP and SAP. Of course, he’s done more than that though — he’s the author of the recently published (in php|architect) article about using the SAPRFC extension to integrate PHP and SAP together.

Now I understand that most of you here on the SDN won’t have a subscription to php|architect showing up in your mailbox every month, so we’ve arranged to have the article published right here! So if you’re interested in what all the talk about SAP and PHP together is all about, why don’t you go check out Jason’s article!    

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