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Application Internationalization in SAP-WebAS Using Java Resource Bundle.(Part II)


In my last weblog I have discussed about different techniques used in Java for Internationalization. Here I am going to give step by step procedure of internationalized application development in Web Application server both in Java Perspective and WebDynpro Perspective using Java Resource Bundle Technique.

I. Java Perspective:

Step 1:

Create one Java application


Step 2:

Create one Java class


Step 3:

Add the Following source code

Notice that the text of the messages is not hard coded.

     package com.wipro;

     import java.util.*;



  • @author kanthan


  • To change the template for this generated type

        comment go to


  • Window>Preferences>Java>Code

        Generation>Code and Comments


     public class I18N {

     public static void main(String[] args) {

       String language;

          String country;

          language = new String(args[0]);

          country = new String(args[1]);

          Locale currentLocale;

          ResourceBundle messages;

          currentLocale = new Locale(language, country);

          messages = ResourceBundle.getBundle








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