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SAP MDME is now SAP MDM 5.5 !

Hello MDM’ers!

I just wanted to give you a heads up that we have officially renamed SAP MDME to SAP MDM 5.5.

Many of you are already aware of SAP’s strategic acquisition of a2i last year which expanded our SAP MDM technology. This new addition was previously referred to as SAP MDME (Master Data Management Extension). For a limited time SAP offered two MDM products under our SAP MDM solution: SAP MDM 3.0 and SAP MDME with the intention of merging the two technologies together.

Development has been aggressively enhancing SAP MDME to support the scenarios that we already provided through SAP MDM 3.0 (master data consolidation, harmonization, etc.). This will be the solution for all future SAP MDM development effective immediately.

To reflect our strategic direction and to eliminate confusion in the field and with customers, SAP has decided to offer only one SAP MDM product. The current release of this product is SAP MDM 5.5 and is currently available through ramp-up.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

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  • Hi Lori,

    Good work, can please pass along sensible approach to your friends over in ERP land?

    Lets have a quick snapshot of some of the names floating around for an ERP system these days (including older versions, I know, but it doesn't make it any clearer):

    - SAP R/3 4.6
    - SAP R/3 Enterprise
    - version 4.7
    - mySAP ERP 2004
    - version 5.0

    If I add in some technology platforms as well:

    - SAP Basis 4.6 (seems pretty clear)
    - WAS 6.1 (?)
    - WAS 6.2 (what R/3 enterprise runs on)
    - WAS 6.3 (some strange java upgrade to 6.2)
    - WAS 6.4 (what mySAP ERP 2004 runs on)
    - Netweaver '04 (?)
    - Netweaver 7.0 (coming soon?)

    I'm not actually looking for answers to these questions here, but it does beg a question, how are people (customers/consultants/prospects)supposed to make sense of all this?

    Anyway, good to see that MDM has cleared up their side of things.