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How to create own Items in BW

To create a Item which can be called from the BW runtime it must inherit from an existing Item or from the Base class CL_RSR_WWW_ITEM.  image.

Two methods must defintely be redefined RENDER and RENDER_DATA. In the Render method you can write the HTML which should be displayed.

To make the Item known by the WAD you need to create an entry in Table RSRRENDERER.


Most of the Fields are self-explaining. with Data_bind indicates whether a Item must have a Dataprovider assigned or not. You can find the standard images in the temp folder of your harddisk under %temp%\bw if you want to use own images you must upload them to mime repository under:


Now you need to add the attributes of the Item to Table RSRRENDERERATR. The Attribute NAME is mandatory and must contain the Class name as value.


If you now start the Web application designer, the new item should be visible in the Item list. Now you can drap and drop it into you template.  If you save and execute the template you item should be rendered in the html.

But please be careful if you use own items in Templates SAP will not make any support for this template also if the error comes from a standard item. You will be forced to remove own items, to get support.     

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    • What do you exactly mean.
      you can insert there any HTML Code you want. May you can decribe a little bit more in detail.

      best regards.


  • Hello Kai,

    thank you for this Blob, that it is what I'm looking for.

    The next thing I would like to do is to create own graphs, just by customizing the existing graphs.
    The existing graphs are OK, but I want to display some datarows which are not calculated by the query.
    My problem are the properties of the graph. I created a subclass of CL_RSR_WWW_ITEM_CHART and at the first step, I just wanted the change the graphtype and some other properies (later on I will change the datarows). But anything I change does not effect the graph. I found out that there is a RAW data-BLOB imported into the table c_t_custom_attributes in the method SET_TEMPLATE_CUSTOM_ATTRIBUTES.
    Do you know something about the structure of this raw data ?

    Thanks for you help !

  • Hi,

    I'm having some problems when recreating a web item (List of Documents). I can see it in my library, but still, it has the same layout as the original web item. The problem is with the renderer method I think. I had to redifine it. There I put in the code that you have on your blog, but when publishing from the WAD, the element doesn't say "Hello World"... Have you/someone experience with the redefinition of this web item?


  • Hi kai Wachter
    This blog is very usefull.
    I am working in BI 7.0.We are using 7.0 WAD.
    While executing any bw report it is asking for variable screen and we need to give inputs .In this i need to change F4 Help. Suppose i have cal month variable
    in f4 help i need to display months in descending order .and also I want display calendar in cal days f4 help.
    Like this I have some issues. So i need to do some customizing in F4 help where can i do these changes.

    Thanks in Advance,

  • Hi Kai,

    this is a very nice blog and many thanks for sharing the knowledge.

    this blog help me much for creating custom web item.

    could you give any example for making helps for inputting the custom web item parameter ?

    or could you brief how to do it ?

    many thanks in advance


    • Hi Eddhie,
      it is quite easy:
      1.) add a Static Public Method to your Item call GET_F4.
      make the following signature:

      Exporting E_T_CHAVT     TYPE RSDM_T_CHAVT     
      Exporting E_TEXT     TYPE STRING     
      Exception X_MESSAGE          

      Fill Table E_t_chavt with the values the user should be able to select.
      2.) add a entry in RSRRENDERERATR
      REN_NAME = Your ITEM Class
      F4_TYPE  = F4

      Thats all. Now this method is called everytime a user clicks on the Parameter combobox.

      • hi Kai,

        many thanks in advance for replying my question.

        i have already done all the steps, but got error message "GetF4 : RFC Error" while asking help in inputting custom parameters.

        is there anything missing ?

        please advice

        btw, i have made a forum thread as a question asking the same problem.
        perhaps you can answer that thread so i can give you points


        • Make sure that the method definition is Static and public. Also make sure that you have the correct Parameter definition in the method. If there is one mismatch it will dump.
          you can set an external Break-point in method GET_F4_DISPATCHER in Class CL_RSR_WWW_RENDERER and see where the error occurs.

          best regards,

      • Hi Kai,

        can i use custom extension web item to disable web item dynamically . my requirement is when template is executed it should lookup some table and depending on the value in the flag field , i have disable or enable button.

        so if this is possible what parameters u have to pass in execute method. and could you give me some detail steps around this.


        • Hi it is not possible to modify any other item than yours in custom extensions. But you can do the following. Add a script item, which contains the command you would like to execute in the Web template in case of a button click. In the execute method render a html button which executes the javascript of the script item. So if you read the table you can decide if you would like to render the button or not.

          best regards,

  • Hi Kai

    have you had any experience in the effect of upgrades on Custom items.  We have upgraded from 3.1 to 7.0.  We have a custom Web Item based on role menu which has disappeared from BEx WAD, but the libraries and all underlying code etc still seem to be there.  There is now an error on the template that uses the custom class that says the renderer is invalid and the data provider is not specified.  When we change to the SAP Class in the template it syntax checks ok, but doesn't work as we need it to at runtime.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.



    • Hi Heyley,

      during Upgrade all the SAP Tables will rewritten. This means the content of the tables rsrrenderer, rsrrendert and rsrrendereratr will loaded again. So all your newly created entries will be lost. If you recreate them your tmeplates will work again.

      best regards,

    • Kai

      many thanks, it looks as though this will do the trick, although its a bit long winded getting all the items back in.  I didn't see this on the upgrade checklist and I don't have any experience with BSPs so your tip is excellent.  I've just recreated the table entries for one of the classes and it looks ok.  Many thanks again


  • Hi Kai

    We have a further problem with our bespoke web item I wonder if you might have experienced something similar or have an idea where it might be?  When running a web report the context menu cannot be accessed - we get a message that the Right Mouse Click is not Enabled.  When we removed our custom item from the template the context menu worked ok.  We have not changed anything about this item, all comparisons with a working system are ok.  Syntax check of the class in SE80 is ok.  Only thing we have done is apply the upgrade.  I suspect that there is some further table entries missing - have you any suggestions?  All help appreciated.



  • Hello Kay
    maybe you could give me a hint where the connections between actual gif in the mime and REN_ICONID is maintained. try to use my own gifs here but it seems not to take the gifs stated in PREVIEW_GIF and ICON_GIF but rather the icon connected to the REN_ICONID (the icon changes when I change the ID)

    thank a lot