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How to : Delete Software Component from Integration Builder


Delete the Software component from Integration Builder.
Double Click on Software Component, On Right Hand side –>Go to Software Component Version–>Delete the software component.If all the necessary Objects have been properly deleted, there will be no problem in Deleting the Software Componet version


When the Objects under the Software Component Versions are not properly deleted, you will get the following Error.


Sequence of Steps:

  1. Delete the created Data Types, Message Types, Message Interfaces, Message Mappings, and Interface Mappings. If there are any errors during activation, try activating the Objects in the manner specified as specified below
      Integration Scenarios
      Integration Processes
      Interface Mapping
      Message Mappings
      Message Interfaces
      Message Types
      Data Types
  2. There should be no Imported SAP Objects in the Software Component. If any delete them and activate changes.
  3. Delete all namespaces in the editor using (-) sign. Do not save the changes.
  4. Delete the two default data types that are created in the Interface Objects–>Data Types of the software component version (ExchangeFaultdata, ExchangeLogdata). Now save changes for the s/w component version and activate the changes. Ignore the warnings that pop-up. Your change list should look like the below.
  5. image

  6. The radio button for “Interface import should be at “Not permitted” instead of “Import RFC and IDoc Interfaces from SAP Systems Permitted”.
  7. Now go to Software component version menu in the right hand pane. Click on delete and the software component vanishes from left hand pane
  8. image

If it throws any error then u missed something out in the above steps.

This weblog should help you in deleting the software component Version from Integration builder.

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  • Hi,
    I am using XI 7.0. I created a namespace by accident and am trying to remove it. I first removed the namespace from the SWCV but did not save it yet. I try to delete ExchangeFaultData and ExchangeLogData (no other objects exist within namespace) but I get the following error:
    "You are not permitted to delete any objects since the software component cannot be changed"
    I believe it has something to do with the 2 settings at the bottom of the SWCV: "Objects are original objects" and "Objects are modifiable". I tried many different combinations but nothing is working. Have you encountered this before?