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SDN Success Story – Blue shooting stars from BW sky !

Inspired from a SDN Success Story – 1st post / 1st Reply / 1st Solution appeared here some days ago, now I want to show to all of you another pleasant SDN success story: just some seconds ago, in our (and I want to highlight OUR to show my SDN sense of membership !) BI Implentation Forum, among the first 12 threads, a good 6 ones was solved by our fantastic SDN experts!


I don’t know if this is a record (I hope that in other SDN forums this situation might be better, let me know !), but I’m really happy that a lot of people is very satisfied with the great help that, every day, Bhanu, Eugene, Ryan, Ssree, Somnath, Jkyle, Nantha, Marc, Siggi, Gianfranco, Ashwin, Ashish (…) give to everyone needs something (BW related, it’s implied ! Unfortunately at this moment we are not able to solve love or money affairs, but we are workin’on!)

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  • Fantastic blog and another great example of SDNers jumping up to the plate and taking a swing 😉

    Love hearing about these things – keep them coming!

  • Hi Roberto,
    You copied the links from the Top Contributor list  list, but unfortunately they don’t work outside of that application.
    With the next update you will be able to copy the Business Card link from within the Card.
    Best, Mark.
    P.S. I updated the links and they work now. Only SSree is a bit elusive.
  • Hi Roberto,

    Its a nice thought to ponder that many people (like the SDN BW-Gurus w/c includes you Mr. Roberto) always gives a helping hand for those that are in need. This is a great success story indeed…

    Most of the forum topics are really, in my opinion hard to answer specially that we are limited only to  text and words of the forum and people are expected to use their imagination to explain better.

    More power to SDN Guys…

    Warmest Regards,

  • Well Roberto,

    this blog was a really great idea and I hope, lots of guys will read it and additionally thinking about it. It is not only fun, helping others, sometimes it’s also time consuming and I hope some of the readers will reward answers on their threads more often. Go ahead and have a good time.

    Best regards


  • Its great to see number of helping hands increasing specially Bhanu, Eugene, Ryan, Ssree, Somnath, Jkyle, Nantha, Marc, Siggi, Gianfranco, Ashwin, Ashish (…and many more ) not to forget Roberto ,he is my BW Idol and as a matter of fact he is for every BW consultant.

    Great going guys.

    Thanks and Regards

  • Hi Roberto and one and all

    Its great pleasure to be part of this celebration.

    no words to put out my sincere thanks and regards to all the members of this forum. My special THANKS to Roberto, Eugene, Siggi, GFV, Ryan, Somnath, SSree, Ashwin, Nantha Kumar, Bhanu.

    Its great place to have fun along with work. And feels happy to have so many helping hands to solve your problem.

    And all the best to one and all.

    With Best Regards,
    Rohini Garg

  • The activity in the BW Forums has really accelerated over the last several months.  I have even noticed a fall off in posting to IT Toolbox, so it looks like people are voting with their postings.

    Couple of things I’d like to see –

    Cultivate, coax, hammer the idea that folks really should search the forum before posting a question that has been answered 12 twelve times already.  Perhaps a “Sticky” posting at the beginning like some forums have that could list a few forum usage guidelines/recommendations.

    Create a separate SEM/BPS forum.  Perhaps there should be even more – and this is linked to my next comment below.

    Revisit the SAP Community Forums on BW.  All the activity is happening on on the SDN Forums so maybe it would be better to kill off the Community BW forums, and perhaps reorganize the BW/BI topics on the SDN BW forums. Or go the other way and make the Community “The Place”.  Having two sets of BW forums just causes confusion and wastes time and energy for all concerned.

    Keep on posting!!!!!!!

    • Just a side comment, the sticky post is coming it’s on the list of improvements for the SDN guys we’ve been (BSP forum) bugging them for it as well 🙂
  • i’d just like to extend hearty cheers and congratulations to everyone for such a wonderful show of skill and patience (!) guiding everyone through their everyday BW problems, as well as everyone else who’s making all this possible: all the users who have been asking questions! keep them coming! 🙂

    oh, and maybe we can convince Mark to start a “Personal Problems” forum for those money- and finance-related issues they want to talk about… ^_-


  • I still have to appreciate all the work you’re doing. I started working in this forum maybe 9 months ago and the quality of the questions was very low. I was able to answer 80-90% of the questions without looking into the system. During these 9 months the number of posts increased incredibly, the quality of posts increased incredibly (I can’t answer more than 40-50% of the posts without detailed studies) and the number of posters increased too.

    I really recommend this forum to all my customers because there is nearly no BW question that won’t be answered within a day at a high standard.

    This brings me to the one small problem. If you have a dump or obvious error and you don’t find a note just open an OSS message. There may be workarounds and you will probably receive them but that doesn’t help the product and the next customer will face the same problem.

    Thumbs up to all of you guys, there will be a time when I have more time to spare. Currently there are a series on CO-PA extraction and on virtual keyfigures I’ve thoroughly planned and somewhen I will find the time to write it.

    May the BW be with you

    P.S.: Mark promised to rework the BW forum structure. Isn’t this a nice trigger to start it off?

  • Mark!
    I think that with this weblog I kicked up a row !!!
    All SDN/BW guys are in a ferment and, at the end, come to you with a lot of (I think) stimulating proposals (“personal problem forum” included!!!)…

    Dirk, I agree with you…I started joining SDN from September of the previous year (with a 2 months break) and now the game is become harder !
    Sometimes ago there was only Marc and Heike as there are a lot of helpers and this is a real success !

    your compliments made me blush (but don’t overstate my merits !!!)…
    Really thanks to all of you!

  • Hi Roberto,

    It is great that you captured that great moment since the postings list can change a lot during the day with new postings.  SDN has increasing become the place to be for one of the best BW communities today.

    I used to participate in 2001-2003 relatively actively on ITTOOLBOX or SAPFAQ on BW.  I learned a lot from those forums back in 1999-2000 so being in a community, if you got something out of it, one should put something back in.

    With the move more into SEM-BPS from BW, I have spent more time on other forums, including an SEM one I co-moderate.  Early last year I looked at both SDN and Community and Community was more active at the time but I think the users are less technical and also a lot more beginners.  I looked at SDN more recently after Marc mentioned it again at ASUG in Dallas last Nov and SDN has become very interesting :D. 

    Only thing is that I tend to need a block of time to catch up on SDN so don’t check it as frequently as some of the e-mail based on that appear in my mailbox….  Anyway for us to subscribe to threads or forums?

    I would second a request for a SEM-BPS or rather a BPS and BI Planning forum 😀

    Cheers, Mary

  • Hi All,

    Its great to see that we all are celebrating. Unfortunately I am not active in the forums now as I am going to take a vacation and I am busy shopping 🙂

    See you all soon and have a great time in the forums.