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“The ESA is Coming, The ESA is Coming…”

There is so much hype and FUD surrounding ESA and Netweaver, and the more organizations I talk to the more confused I realize people really are about what all this means to their organizations. I think SAP has done a great job starting the education process early and often, however we seemed to be faced with the old analogy that “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

To some Netweaver is a brand. To others its a platform. Still others just see a bunch of products. ESA is viewed as everything from “web services running on SAP”, to SAP’s acronym for SOA, to a changing paradigm in enterpise computing.

In this blogger’s humble opinion, ESA and Netweaver do indeed represent a vision for ushering in a new wave of enteprise computing. While the concepts have been around for decades the industry is finally providing the standards, tools, techniques and discipline to make things happen. I’ll contend this is an even bigger and more important industry shift than client/server and Internet computing. Why? Because an ESA strategy is about better aligning IT with the business. New technology is an enabler, but this goes far beyond a technical theme or fad. It is the dawning of new agile, process centric focus within IT organizations.

Ok, ok now I am just blathering and adding to the hype. This blog is intended to serve three purposes. Provide meaningful education and insights regarding what ESA is and where the Netweaver tools come into play. My personal interest is around digitized business processes. Secondly I will be tackling implementation considerations, issues and ideas. Here the focus will be both within SAP landscapes as well as how does ESA play into an overall enterprise architecture. Finally and most importantly I’ll focus on the “word on the street” with success stories as well as some not so successful stories (names changed of course) to help everyone realize that nothing truly good ever comes too easy, but oh the rewards are worth it.

Next up will be covering my intro to Netweaver article….

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