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Bring a Friend

Brad Williams commented on Thomas Jung’s ASUG 2005 Spring Conference: Attendee Experience:


Don’t encourage too many people to get on to SDN! Its already hard enough to respond on the ABAP forum without 30 people getting in there first. I end up writing stuff like “I agree with the 4th guy who responded” 🙂

It puts a smile on my face to read a comment like that. An SDN Meets Labs participant also mentioned that when he finishes a reply  he always does a refresh on the thread to see whether someone else has beat him to the answer already. So for the ABAP area we seem to have a very strong community.

Still the more people join, the stronger the SDN community gets. If others always beat you to the answers in the forums and you are looking for an other way to boost your rank on the Top Contributors list. You may invite your friends to join SDN and if they use your main email address in the reference field  when they register you get 20 points. Just make sure that they use the right email address. You can check yours on your SDN profile.

Being there you may also want to update your profile and share more about you to the SDN community as well as the world. If you search for Craig Cmehil on Google his SDN Business Card is result number two.

Once a week we run the  program that posts 20 points for every new SDN member that used your email address as reference. Looking forward to welcome lots of new members to SDN.

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