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ABAP 46C to 640 Delta Training

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  • Hi Thomas,

    I actually downloaded the file last night, I noticed a change in "Top Contributors" and decided to take a peek at what you had just done since I hadn't seen a new weblog from you yesterday. So I found the download under your contributions and I have to say that you've done an amazing job!! I've already emailed my boss and requested that we consider this as a new training package for our ABAP people. I might have to translate a bit to German if you don't mind?

    Thanks for the hard work!


    • >I might have to translate a bit to German if you don't mind?

      That's what it is there for.  I realize that this is probably just the starting point for others to work off of.  Not every chapter in here would be needed by everyone.  People should feel free to pick and choose what parts they are interested in and to make whatever changes they want to make to it. 

      • hi Thomas,
                 I am very much lookin fwd to get the material which u had shared. When i tried to download the content i am getting a message saying that
        'Secure Connection Failed     uses an invalid security certificate.'

        Can you pls help me in getting the material, if possible pls mail to my ID -

        Thanks a lot in advance,

      • Hi Thomas,

        From the contents, it seems like this material you have published, is quite interesting. I wanted to go through it.

        But I was unable to download the ZIP file from the link:

        It is giving the following error:
        “Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive”. 

        I tried contacting the SDN team.
        They told that they will not be able to do anything about it.

        Could you please provide the updated link that I can use.

        Expecting your reply.

        Nisha Vengal.

        • I just clicked the link and it downloaded perfectly fine.  The URL therefore appears to be correct. As I have said before, I don't have any control over the quality of SCN's hosting of content.  I only provide content to SCN for hosting. I can only verify that the URL is working correct. SCN administrators must take responsibility for the rest.
  • Hi Thomas,

    We have gone through the material and looks very useful for our inhouse training on BSP.

    We are looking for the InDepth Details on BSP Developments. Are there any Books or Materials available. Can you please refer us some if possible.

    Thanks & Regards

    • There are a couple of good books available from the SAP Press.  There is the Web Programming with the SAP Web Application Server and a Book on BSP Extensions. 

      However SDN is full of good content on BSP.  Check out the weblog section dedicated to BSP. There are currently 156 weblogs in the BSP area alone.

  • Hi Thomas,
    It would be very interesting to have a similar great work about ABAP 640 to 70 Delta Training.
    It seems that ABAP Web Dynpro and the Enhancement Framework are the most important topics....
    • In addition to WDA and Enhancment Framework there are a handful of other nice additions (regular expressions for one).  However without a doubt the biggest impact of 04S to ABAP developers is WebDynpro. 

      I found that the "Go and Create" Tutorials in plus the tutorials on SDN for WDA are a great place to start learning. 

      My current after hours workload is already a bit heavy, so I don't know if I would have time to update this document with 04S information; but if someone else in the community wants to add a few chapters on the subject I would support that.

    • Interesting you should bring that up, Sergio (exactly the feedback I always like to hear).  Had just discussed with Product Management creating a Knowledge Center for ABAP that contains those very elements and others:
      New Debugger, ABAP Editor Enhancements, Web Dynpro for ABAP, Enhancement Framework, ABAP Unit.  If any one can add more topics that they would like to see in such a Delta Page please add your comments!  We already have a nice store of tutorials in some of those content areas and will be providing additional ones.  We could make the creation of this page a community project 🙂
      Bring on your ideas...I'm all ears!
        • Thanks for your addition to the list, Thomas.
          ABAP Language, "New" New Editor, New Debugger, Memory Inspector, Share memory, Web Dynpro for ABAP, Enhancement & Switch framework, Regular Expressions...
          Let's see what we can do about constructing a user-helpful taxonomy.
    • I just tested the download and it worked fine for me.  Make sure that you are logged into SDN as I don't believe it allows anonymous users to download.  If that fails please report the error to SDN Support.  I don't have any control over the hosting of the content on SDN.
        • As I said in the earlier comment, I have no control over the hosting of content on SDN.  I just create stuff and give it to them.  I suggest that you let SDN Support know by using the Contact US link on the main SDN page. 

          Incidently the file downloads just fine for me from both my SAP laptop within the firewall and from my home PC.  Perhaps SDN itself was having problems on the day you tried the download and might just want to try again.

  • I tried to download the file, however the file was download with just 1.36mb and while I tried opening it, I got a message that the file is corrupt. Is it possible to get this file as an attachment.
  • Hi Thomas,

    I unable to download from the link provided above.Please let me know , if there is an alternate link ? Also, is there any content available for delta course for upgrade to 7.0/7.1 ?

    If not, could you please spare few minutes of your valuable time to mail me at

    Awaiting your response.


    • I just downloaded the content via the link in the blog and it worked just fine.  You might try downloading again as the link appears to be working.  If it still gives you problems, then you can report the situation to SDN directly via the Contact Us link on the front page.  I don't control the hosting of content on SDN. I just give them stuff and they give me the URL that it will be served out of.

      There are similar materials for 7.0 delta.  There is a TechEd workshop from last year - CD251 Update Your ABAP Development Skills to 7.0. However you can only cover so much in a 4 hour hands on.  The same session will be given this year, but I am updating it to include 7.0 Enhancement Package 1 and 7.1 materials.

      Also I co-authored a book on this very subject with Rich Heilman for SAP Press.  It is called Next Generation ABAP Development. 

      You will also find little bits and pieces of delta material scattered all through out SDN as eLearning and Blogs.  NetWeaver Product Management did a series on Service Enablement and Consumption Deltas in 7.1 back in December of 2007.  PM is also currently preparing ABAP RKT materials for the soon to be released Enhancement Packages (name subject to change) for NetWeaver. 

    • I can't mail out materials that are hosted on SDN. If you are having technical problems downloading something, please contact SDN support directly via the Contact Us link on the main page.

      As a side note, I just tried downloading the material from my home PC and I get the same certificate error - however I can choose continue to this website and it downloads just fine.

    • It does appear that all the content of the blog is gone. I tried going into edit mode and it doesn't show any content there either. Sometimes formatting just cause the content to not be visible and that can be fixed in edit mode. However that doesn't appear to be the case here.

      I didn't remove it nor do I see any edit history where somewhere changed it.  It certainly wasn't intentional on my part to remove any content. If it was done, it was done by someone within SCN content management.  More likely its a technical problem. You should use the contact us link at the bottom of the page to report the problem.