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MaxDB Database Backup using Java

Database backup and recovery is a very important and crucial requirement for all. MaxDB has a lot of features with respect to database backup and recovery. The DBMCLI console provides us with a rich set of functionalities using which we can easily backup and recover data at need. In this weblog we can see how to view backup history, backup mediums and also perform a backup operation using java.

Backup using java

The Database Manager is an utility to perform all administrative operations on MaxDB. Further we can define backup mediums for the same. Backup mediums contain the data that can be recovered for later uses.



But the procedures that are to be followed with the DBMCLI console is a little different. Apart from login we must also create a utility session to perform a backup operation. Without this session being created we will not be able to perform the database backup operation. The below given java program performs all the above mentioned backup operations and is self explanatory.

The results of the bacup operation is given below.

Backup History


Backup Mediums


CurrentBackup Information


The results of the performed can be verified with database manager. The results of the same is given below.

Backup History Logs in Database Manager


Backup History Item in Database Manager


Thus it is much easier to perform database backup of MaxDB using java.

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