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Computing Getting Pervasive !

I was just going through this definition of pervasive computing :   Look Here!

After going through the links, was wondering how would the world be if this really took off and how the enterprise would function when this kind of computing gets really pervasive.

We could just go into a shopping mall pickup our stuff and come straight out without waiting to pay our bills. The computer in the shopping trolly (In the pervasive world computers are small machines which can be worn as clothes, fitted to the handles of shopping carts… etc) would scan all our stuff, send the message to central server and the amount will be debited from our trusted bank.

Now thinking about the enterprise…take the automobile shop floor, once the CNC machine completes machining of one component the component entry is automatically created in the central server running Production application(Of course it would be SAP Netweaver). The entry is created by a computer fitted to the CNC machine which sends a message to the central server.

Another scenario could be that the Purchase In Charge person talks over his phone and says that he requires 100 kilos of peanuts from Mr. X vendor and the Purchase Order is created in the enterprise system.

Looking at the way we are proceeding this is a very possible scenario. Once the architectures like SOA and technologies like RFID get stable and reliable,the next logical step should be enabling pervasive computing.

But for me the vision of the PC being used ONLY by us Developers for writing the code is enough reason to make me excited about this technology 🙂

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  • In fact, in BE, we can self scan our groceries in certain stores and all we need to do is pay at the register. I believe that NL has simular systems. A few months ago one talked about intelligent tags on each product in order to avoid self scanning. And there is of course the intelligent fridge Intel and MS are talking about.